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  1. At the end of week two my skin was relatively clear. I had a few blemishes, but only on my chin, and cheek - No drama. My skin wasn't dry. My nose was aching, however. I noticed a huge increase in blackheads, nose, cheek, forehead. At the end of week three, my only annoyance is my nose! I have nose bleeds, and it's dry. Although, I also have a cold so that adds fuel to fire. My skin is drying up, it's amazing how long my make up lasts now! No shine, matte all day through. My eyebrow area and
  2. No obvious side effects to date. Although, my skin has more acne. Two on the apple of my right cheek bone. Three down my left. And a few on my chin. Nothing too horrible. I'm hoping I see these clear by Friday the 1st. However, I have read that many people saw the 2wk mark was when their skin peaked at it's worst - But I'm thinking my skins doing that right now. I hope, any way. I'm yet to really see a clearance, it's just stayed the same, or gotten worse. I can't say I'm too bothered though.
  3. Hi all I'm an 18 year old girl in Australia. I began getting acne around early high school - although it's always been pretty mild, yet incredibly frustrating. My skin is also oily, so under make-up it just looks 100x's worse. I've tried minomycin, topical's, birth control, yada yada, they have a short window where they actually work - then my skin just returns to bad. Minomycin made my skin clear, (my main issue was pore size and oiliness) but it stopped working in January 11' and I had break