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  1. I've been on minocycline since 3-4 months ago and I have no more acne except for a tiny white head or two when I get every month (at that special time of the month) I used to have huge cysts (2 at a time and when they left more came) and was depressed about it. somehow the sadness turned into the ability to make someone laugh. Even my closest friends noticed my face change but kept quiet because they understood it was a sensitive subject. Nothing has gone wrong yet ("knock on wood") and I'm enjo
  2. Omg, there's like Japanese Blot-paper especially for men. It's the Sheideso brand. I use Clean and Clear with the blue plastic. IT's pretty good it shows you oil is absorbed but I find it embarrassing because it's transparent spots adn then opaque ones
  3. I find that most foundations out there are too light or too orange for my skin. Since I'm asian (not too light not too dark..it's a light golden beige) it's even harder. I looked in the body shop for help..couldn't find my color and i looked in mac (apparently it looked too yellow to my mom). I can't stand in a drug store all day trying each color and i'm a little paranoid because it involves my skin. I've gotten so much better it doesn't even look like i had moderate acne..yet I'm extremely sen
  4. Oh my golly, I have the same problem. I usually wash once in the morning, after school and right before bed. My hair gets greasy overnight and my face gets oily after 2-3 hours after washing. I'm thinking about using those blotting sheets. And I use all Neutrogena products for face creams/washes.
  5. I have very oily skin so it gets oily within like an hour or two after I've washed it. I'm very paranoid about people touching my face or just the oil on my nose. I'm using that L'oreal Ideal Balance (for combination skin) and it's been good but my skin still feels so oily afterwards. I've thought of using those papers for blotting but then I really don't like the feeling of still having oil on my face. The only thing that has worked in using wet clothes but then it takes off my makeup. I don't
  6. My regular doctor wasn't in that day I went to talk to her about my prescriptions so another replacement doctor prescribed me with Clindoxyl Gel. (Clindamycin 1%, Benzoyl Peroxide 5%) Along with this I'm taking low doses of anti-biotics to keep my cystic acne away. Day 1- Apparently, on the box it said it takes up to 10 weeks to see full results. But with my anti-biotics I saw results within a week. So I'm excited about fighting those whiteheads. lol. I went to the doctors on Saturday and my a
  7. I think it said.. you dead b*tch..not sure about the cheeky part..ahahah
  8. My native tongue is Chinese, I can speak English (fluently) and I can speak a little French (school, 6 years ...and learned nothing) It's so funny when people say swears in Chinese because most of the time it doesn't make sense or it so hard to understand behind the accent. OH, and in France if you don't speak in French they practicely don't talk to you or be a b*itch
  9. When I read that I felt the pain that you felt, suffering from something you had no control over. I use to pray and hope that one day my acne can be gone. Just for one day go out of the house without acne on my face or scars. I wish I could talk to someone without them staring at the huge zits I had. All I can say is, keep looking for derms and just hang in there...you will get cured. I'm really glad you came to such a welcoming message board. I've realized the people on these boards don't criti
  10. They said that combination is when only your T-zone is oily and your cheeks are dry. BUT is this after you wash your face or before??? For me, after washing, I have dry, dry cheeks and mildly dry forehead. But after two hours or so, my face gets oily..mainly on my T-zone but my cheeks are only slightly oily. So what skin type am I?
  11. Toothpaste only works to dry up zits..I don't think you should wash your face with it.. :?
  12. I use Neutrogena's Body Scrub for b-acne, it's working pretty good. I gets rid of the scars and the zits.
  13. At first I thought you were talking about Physican's Formula..which is proably everywhere. BUT no, I don't think I've seen Prescriptives ANYWHERE. It seems like in the States they sell it at deparments stores so my guess is the Bay or Sears. If not then I guess you have to order off the internet. :? This is one of the reasons I hate Canada...
  14. It's so goddamn expensive in teh states. I pay like 15 bucks CDN for a tube of Differen and the page says Americans pay 80 bucks...holy.
  15. I was on Monocylist...or something like that its' an anti-biotics too but my acne cleared up within like two weeks but I still got whiteheads.. so she suggested I use Differen for those but IT DOESN"T WORK!!