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  1. fuck ya they seem to be healing veryyyyyy slowlllly while im on tane but obvs not as fast as id like lol thx
  2. whether a pop the zit (did first couple of months but not anymore) or i leave it alone it will leave the same red marks behind...a pih mark same for anyone else?
  3. man im just joshin around... im a miscer so im used to saying shit like that
  4. i have the redness on upper cheeks+nose that started from minocycline then has stayed since im on accutane i wake up fine then shower and u can see it... gets more red when i go in the sun... i asked my derm if its rosacea and he said no its just from the accutane and will subside... maybe just ask ur derm about urs
  5. ^ lol.... loss of sex drive? im on a high dose and my horny all the time... my hair is full and luscious and i get bloodwork done to check my liver dont listen to this shenanigans take accutane man
  6. how well did it work for ur marks? ^
  7. il post my question and his answer.. 1. is the redness on my upper cheeks and nose that i first saw with use of minocyclin and now accutane rosacea? - No u dont have rosacea, it is common that this happens and the redness will subside 3-4 months off accutane 1B. it looks worse after sun exposure and when i wash my face - yes thats common, it wil subside once youre off 2. i have pih marks all over my forehead is there anything i can do to help them fade quicker? - they will fade with time on
  8. is retin a common for ppl to use after accutane?
  9. im on accutane and my redness started when i first took minocycline, then i went on accutane when it didnt work.. i dont flush though... i hope i dont have rosacea
  10. i put sunscreen on for like first time this summer (lol) on my cheeks and it stung a bit for like half an hour wasnt flushin though ive never flushed before does this normally happen?