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  1. You are right...you probably over exfoliated. It looks irritated. Give it time to heal. Don't touch or mess with it. I had the same issue when I used a little home microdermabrasion machine. Everything was red and the scars I had looked very deep and pronounced. Much more than they normally were. It eventually went back to normal but it took awhile.
  2. Are your scars tethered or untethered? You can tell by stretching your skin. If your scars are still there, then they are tethered but if they disappear when stretched then they are untethered. Dermarolling will not work on tethered scars. You will need to get subcision done to release the scar tissue. There is no guarantee it will work. I have read that it helps some people but not others. 1.5 mm roller is safe to use at home but I would not recommend using a 2.0mm at home. You can risk scarr
  3. I hear that cortisone shots can scar your skin...that's one of the reasons why I never had it done. I can't say it will stay or eventually fill in. I guess the only thing you can do is wait it out and hope for the best. Here's an old discussion
  4. It takes a year for a scar to completely heal so give it some time. If it's still there after a year, then you're stuck with it unless you find a miracle product or procedure to get rid of it. And if you do, please let us know!
  5. Depends on what type of scars you have and whether or not they are anchored. If they are (anchored) then the dermapen will not help at all. I have seen great results with dermarolling but it did nothing for my anchored scars. I'd love to get subcision, but I can not find anybody in town who does it and I can't afford to travel to get it done. Awesome results! glad you found something that worked for you! I wish so badly that I could get subscision done. Can't find a doctor who does it he
  6. I read that the serum that is in the satchels is basically worthless. It dries out as soon as you open it and placing it in an airtight container doesn't help so it all goes to waste. It's recommended you purchase the vials.
  7. I think you're skin looks good. I bet half of those will heal on their own. It takes about a year for skin to heal completely. I've had scars like that (like the small ones) that eventually healed on their own.
  8. Update: I've been looking into this. Read lots of reviews. Tons of people say exactly what PCT14 said would happen. The moment they start talking it cracks so looks like lots of little wrinkles. The only way this would work is if you apply it to an area that you don't have to move. This stuff was made for under the eyes but people started using it on other parts of the body so it doesn't work as well. Also, it has been known to burn people (under the eye area). Too bad. I was hoping this was it
  9. Could you post before and after pics of your scar? Do you think it would work on a smile line? Haven't seen the video yet. Will check it out later. I looked it up and found this on pinterest. This is not a photo of me but I have same issue. Hmm...this is pretty cheap compared to some of the other things people have tried (and didn't get results from). Where did you purchase it? I read online that there are a lot of fakes junk being sold under that name.
  10. Here's what the PMD did to my skin. It may work better for you though
  11. I WISH I could fly to London!!! Can't afford it. I have a son who is about to go to college (YIKES) and we have to pay for it ourselves and we just had a baby so definitely can't travel. Rob, that's what I look like now. Age does that do you.
  12. Microdermabrasion will help with red spots (not indented scars) but it takes several sessions. I usually have to get 3-4 sessions to see results. Price in my area is $90 per session. A much more affordable route is purchasing glycolic acid online. I get mine at Makeup Artist choice. I use the 30%. There may be other peels that would help but I don't have experience with any others except the tca 12.5%. that helps too. Oh I have had professional peels but had to get 6 each session co
  13. Exactly, il90! It's not the scars that bother me... it's the fact that it looks like a wrinkle and that makes me feel old and look older. I have looked into subcision but I can't find anybody nearby who does it. Simple Mutton, my derm recommended fillers but they are temporary and I don't fill comfortable injecting a foreign substance into my skin. I won't even get botox for that reason. You never know what effects it can have and I don't want to take that chance. Fo
  14. The PMD will made your face more red. I posted on here with photos about it awhile back. I will look for them and post here for you to see what I am talking about. It made my scars looks more pronounced. Those stupid photos that they have on their website must not be real! haha That's what convinced me to buy it!
  15. Microdermabrasion helps with red marks but it'll take at least 3-5 sessions so could get pricey. Don't get the PMD. It's crap. Glycolic acid peels help. You can get it really cheap online (Makeup Artist Choice). I use 30% glycolic acid. Dermastamping/rolling helps too.