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  1. I have noticed a bit of weight gain as well - a couple of pounds maybe. But it's mostly that my body lost a bit of it's muscle tone I think. Nothing too drastic though. I make sure that I get about 30 minutes of exercise a day in order to keep healthy and try to eat a balanced diet.
  2. Yes!!! I haven't even been on this board in a while because my skin has been great. I started Spiro in May of 2011. So discouraged at first because of the 3 or 4 initial breakouts that I got on it (and I mean it made my skin way worse than it was before being on Spiro). But now my skin is amazing.....and my doctor says that I can continue with treatment for years to come. I'm on 75 mg a day and had been on accutane before this. Accutane totally cleared me for about a year - then it started to
  3. Yes, after reading everyone else's experiences with Spiro I realized that patience really is key. And it's worth the wait. I also feel good that I am getting down to the real problem. Which I know are my hormones since I have mild facial hair as well. My doctor didn't even hesitate to let me try Spiro and she's an extremely thorough and careful doctor that I've had for over a decade. I wish everyone the best of luck!!!!! And I thank everyone for their posts which have helped me through my h
  4. Hello everyone, I'm new here - but am always reading peoples posts which have helped me a great deal through my skin issues. Basically since puberty I have been dealing with pimples - never cystic but mild to moderate. Pretty mild in my puberty days but in adulthood (I'm now 24) it's been a bit more on the moderate side. Lots of little whiteheads and a few papules - enough to affect my self esteem for sure. I have tried everything - all the creams, antibiotics (which made me feel unhealth