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  1. Jason413

    Horrible decision

    Accutane's side effects have ruined some of my life o pray every day christ will heal me and can reverse the horrible desision I made to take it living with acne is so much better than trouble breathing hair loss all over everyday joint and arthritis pain and acid reflux at 23 I pray anyone who sees this will choose another option and I could ha e prevented you from making a horrible decision like I made. Love lee
  2. [quote name='gbinct' date='Feb 4 2011, 08:49 PM' post='3029971' DOnt take it. The side effects have ruins my quality of life I pray to God every day he would he me and reverse the horrible effects it caused would take acne any day over what this has done God bless lee m a 39 year old white male and I have suffered with acne since about the age of 16. From that age, up until my mid twenties, I was under the care of probably 7 different Dermatologists. One of those derms was actually the no
  3. I would defintely not take accutane it has almost ruined my life from horrible side effects I'm praying to Clmu lord and savior Jesus that I get better bit trust me life with acne is better than these horrible side effects