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  1. Day 242 (7 months, 28 days) Hey guys, As a whole, my skin has been pretty good since my last post. There have been a few breakouts, and the occasional pimple... however nothing compared to what it used to be like and easily treated with some BP. I'm probably applying half a pump of BP every 2-3 nights. Haven't been moisturising at all, although I may start again soon. I have not been using dan's cleanser or any cleanser at all except warm water for about 1 month now. In add
  2. Day 185 Alright guys, my skin has been amazing since my last post. I didn't even need to apply any BP for at least 4 days. This had me wondering... what could possibly be the cause of this!? I began to think it could be due to my significantly reduced alcohol intake recently (which could be true). I remained stumped for a couple of days then remembered I have been taking Fish Oil for almost a month now. I'd read extensively about the health benefits and decided to try some out. I had hone
  3. Hey, I've been on the regimen for over 5 months now. In my experience, I would advise against physical exfoliation while on the regimen, at least for the first few months. I've found that a crucial part of the regimen is to give your skin as little irritation as possible. Dan recommends using his AHA as a chemical exfoliant. I would recommend this instead. Anyway, stick with it and good luck edit: I should also note that i've had great success without any physical exfoliation wh
  4. Day 177 Good results. For about 5 days after my last post, I had all these little bumps (barely noticeable) on my cheeks, although they went away with normal BP use. Other than that everything has been great. 1 application of BP per day 0.5 pumps per application No moisturiser No Flakiness No Redness Still some red marks, but reduced probably 90% from day 1. Currently 98-100% clear Overall looking pretty healthy
  5. Hey guys, Thanks for reading my thread I've been on the regimen for over 5 months now. I've been lucky and had pretty good success and am 99-100% clear most of the time now. At one stage I was using up to 2.5 pumps of BP/application... and my face was constantly irritated and sensitive (not to mention dry and flaky). Luckily someone on the forums mentioned that not everyone needs that quantity. I slowly started reducing my dosage, and am pleased to be down to about 0.5 or 1 pump
  6. Hey andrewharv, I want to break a couple of things down about this post. In my experience, the regiment is not nearly as bad as this guy makes it out to be. It's been quite a life saver. I'll admit I've only been on the regimen for 5+ months (versus 9 years), but so far after the initial struggle... things have been good . I'll post my experiences compared to Chachi477s below. I hope it helps nb. Since clearing up I have been reducing the dose of BP to a point where I currently
  7. congrats!!! p.s. one of your eyes is half green?
  8. Hey Jessica, Inspired by reading your thread, I included these paragraphs at the end of my Regimen Log.
  9. Day 159 - (22 Weeks, 5 Days) Hi elliphant, glad to hear you enjoyed reading this Quick update guys: (turned out being not so quick lol) As a whole, thigns are going very well Recently I've been using between 0.5 and 0.75 of a pump once a day when i sleep (occasionally I will skip a day). When recently I went to a new doctor to get a new script of my prescription for vibra-tabs. She exclaimed with surprise "Oh, but your skin is already pretty good!" that made me smile a bit
  10. Day 137 Hey guys, Things have been pretty good, skin hasn't been dry or flaky at all for a couple of months which has been a welcome change. I've been going out until ridiculous hours and hadnt been home for > 2 days(so 4 missed applications) and i think that's why i have broken out with 2 pimples this morning. Apart from that, I have applied BP and the rest of my face is pretty clear Redness is no longer such an issue now that I no longer apply BP when i go outside.
  11. Day 129 Hey guys, This week has been pretty surprisingly. I have been 100% clear. It's important to note that I'm still doing basic things like washing my face SUPER gently, patting dry with a towel, and trying not to touch my face during the day. I'm also sleeping with a t-shirt on top of my pillowcase. I'm pretty lazy and don't like doing laundry so one shirt is like 4 nights because i turn it over, then inside out. I'm still taking 1x vibra-tabs tablet per day. Regarding B
  12. Day 124 Hey guys, first of all good luck to everyone currently on the regimen As of current I am around 99-100% acne free. I have been using 1 application of BP per day, when i sleep. I am finding my skin gets a little oily during the day. There is no flakiness at all however which is very pleasing. Also my face is pretty sensitive to the sun and is quite often a little bit more red than it should be. This continues to be annoying, however reading back on some of my old posts
  13. Day 113 Hey guys! It's been a while so i thought i'd keep this log updated. The last month has been a little odd. As my previous posts show, my skin has been pretty clear, this is up until i started going to the beach (we have had some hot summer-like days) I think the sun + bp irritated my skin and it broke me out quite a bit. (Well, this and i missed a heap of regimen applications due to going out and having a fun time/not coming home for days/etc) Anyway bottom line is i