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  1. Hi Eterna what kind of results have you gotten so far with the kitoscell? it looks like you bought this a while ago? thanks I have bought of 60g, 1 month ago , I apply it as they said to me in the laboratory, 3 times a day every day, The minimal period of treatment they are 7 months, and to see good results, it is necessary to wait more of 1 year.
  2. lamarr I just bought the baby quasar light therapy. It is awesome. I had an excision done on Monday and bought it on Tuesday and started using tues and wed so far. I don't heal well from incisions so I am trying to do everything right. I think i have been using it too much and now I am a little worried? What happens if you use it too much. I thought because now is the most important time in the healing process that it would be ok to use it a lot but now I am not sure. It does not come with a l
  3. if you look at Dr. Hitzigs website nyhairloss.com he has pictures of acell used on scars
  4. I had a phone consult with Dr. Khan. He also promised me 80% improvement. he was going to do a combination of treatments and he mentioned stem cells, fraxel and recell. The price was around 7500. I kept trying to figure out how to get the money and can I really spend it on this one treatment. Now I am reluctant about trying this until I find out more. I might try to get the recell in Mexico where it might be less expensive. Did you get recell Faizal?
  5. Lamarr, Do you think this will work on a scar on the body from stitches? I want to try your technique or acell. Can you tell me exactly what your technique is and what I have to buy? I think I have to get led light. Which one did you get? Also terpoline. Where do i get that? and the roller. How long should the needles be? I think I can buy on ebay. Also where do I get the emla numbing cream? thanks
  6. Hi Franklin Can you also email me the name of the doctor who uses the acell on surgical scars? Does anyone know if any docs are using it on surgical scars? my email is [email protected]
  7. Denise I had needling by Lillian 2x. I really would like to have the rollcit procedure but can't find anyone doing it in my area. Lillian has done roll-cit? I thought you had to be made numb with injections by the doc because the roll cit goes very deep and is way too painful. Can she do numbing besides with the topical stuff she uses with the tattoo gun? Thanks for the info.
  8. Hi I am not having the treatment done on my face. I have a few scars on my back. It is not the same as dealing with downtime on your face. My scars are slightly hypertrophic so will need an aggressive treatment to break down scar tissue. When Dr. Y does dermabrasion patients have downtime for months but end up with a better result than anything I have heard of. I thought this forum was to share information. It doesn't mean I would go running to your doc. Sorry for the disengenious post though
  9. Hi MPBAMD I understand how you feel. Downtime is very very difficult. It can be embarassing to tell people you had something done. It's easier to just hide out. You want to know ahead of time to allow for any plans that would then have to be cancelled. Could I email you to get the name of your doctor? I would like to have the fraxel and I like it when the doctor is aggressive. Some doctors seem like they don't go deep enough to cause any changes. I feel like if you don't stay red for a while y
  10. JC Did you have any luck with the translation? It's so frustrating that we can't get this product. Maya, do you still think this would be good for after needling procedure. I want to get needling done again and want to try using the hebermin after.
  11. That is really too bad. Isn't there anyone who can do the Chinese translation on this board?
  12. Maya Did your ex have any progress getting the hebermin? Happy Belated Birthday.
  13. Hi, Where did you get the thermage done? 1400 sounds like a good price. Was that for full face? I have been quoted that for just a small area. Thanks for the info.
  14. Miguel Thanks for your post. I am very interested in purchasing the hebermin cream. From what I read you need more details to tell your friend where to buy it. Does anyone know exactly what pharmacy Miguel's friend can buy the hebermin? Please let Miguel know. Miguel, please pm and so we can set up paypal.