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  1. Loving Life! ;)

    1. PaulH85
    2. Jc08


      Saw your accutane logs, real happy for you.

  2. Okay, for those still reading my log and are interested here is my picture updates. It has been 4 months since I last took pictures and I think that you can actually see a difference. Their not gone completely, but so much better. I have 5 pictures right before I started accutane, then 2 pictures at the 4 month mark and now 2 pictures at the 3 months post accutane mark. Here they are: http://s1192.photobucket.com/albums/aa339/Again111/ I believe that retinol A is a huge factor in h
  3. Hi Clare! I've missed you and have thought of you. I'm so happy that things are going great for you. I feel like you and I are doing about the same, except the oil part. My skin is still splotchy and marked up, but no oil. I know that I will be getting some kind of treatment when I am aloud to. I will be doing it as a gift to myself. I am doing really well emotionally, but I have not forgotten the emotional damage acne had done and it would be nice to not have to be reminded of it on a dai
  4. 13 Weeks Post Tane! Things are great thus far. My skin is clear and just continues to get better. I don't really get acne except a tiny little dot here and there that just goes away within a day or two. I have gained enough confidence that I will now go to the gym without make-up on, which is a major step for me. Quite frankly, this has been the most amazing thing accutane has given me. Running has always been my passion and when my cystic acne was so bad, it was the thing that I gave up.
  5. Thanks Paul. I know that I'm being rediculius when I think those negative thoughts. I'm ( just like everyone else on here, I'm sure) just so tired in dealing with the emotions all this acne has brought. I become so frustrated with myself that I haven't just got back to my life. The good news is that I am slowly getting to where I was. I know that once I really start to exercise and eat more healthy that I will feel so much better. I just ordered a juicer. I am going to start juicing on a dail
  6. Thanks guys! 5 Weeks Post Tane!!! I am still using my Retinol A-0.05% and my skin is slowly getting accustomed to it again. I'm continuing in diluting it with lotion. My nose and chin seem to be the sensitive areas that tend to peel and dry out first, so sometimes I just put it on my cheeks-which is where I need it most! I'm not really doing much besides Retinol A. In my personal experience, my acne doesn't go or stay away with harsh products or a complicated regime. I was going to post
  7. I'm so happy that your doing great!
  8. Ugh, jury duty! I also have jury duty. Makes me mad. I get why we have it, but it's ridiculous how they do it. I will loose so much money and in this economy!!! They wont want me though-I have such a bad attitude!
  9. Congrats on finishing!!! I am counting down the days till I am able to get treatments done. I am also doing a very low-key regimen, w/out any harsh ingredients.
  10. So, I decided to start using my Retinol A. BIG MISTAKE! I mixed some in with my lotion on Saturday and Sunday. When I woke up Monday, my face was all red and peely-just like when I first went on accutane!!! I will wait for my skin to heal and then try again. Maybe every two nights?
  11. Thanks for continuing to update. It really helps. I can't wait till I get some oil back. I would love to look better in my make up.
  12. Sorry to hear about the dreams. Hopefully they go away soon. I think you made a good decision in going off birth control pills. Glad you'll be updating too!
  13. Thought I'd stop by and see how things are going. When is your last day?