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  1. My Holy Grail!

    I've been using it for 2yrs now day and night and it has kept my face acne free, it has also has gotten rid of my jawline acne. The only thing that works for me.
  2. yeah the connection to the website has been laggy for a while now.
  3. Sex is linked to hormones so yeah I could agree with you on a somewhat related note.
  4. I rather just drink regular water with some fiber.
  5. My holy grail. I use it in the morning and at night. [Removed]
  6. I use it morning and night everyday. This is the only thing that helps me have a clear face. Been using it for 2yrs now. [Removed]
  7. Braggs apple cider vinegar helped alot before cleansing. I used to pour a little bit on a cotton ball and used it as an astringent, before using my face wash. I don't use salicylic acid btw, it just doesn't work as well as benzoyl peroxide.
  8. On a Clear Day Oil-Free Moisturizer (1.8oz.) $23.00 [Removed]
  9. This works for me, I have oily skin. I wash my face twice in the morning & evenings. And I only moisturize with Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion (Non-comedogenic) in the mornings. I don't moisturize at night because my dermatologist told me the skin doesn't need moisturizer at night because that's when the skin heals itself during sleep. But in the morning after washing my face I do moisturize. Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser Daily Formula $5.99
  10. Vitamin A + Zinc + Daily Exercise = Acne Under Control! Regimen: Facial Cleanser: Cetaphil for Oily Skin Twice a Day. (Mornings & Evenings). Differin Gel 0.1% Daily Before Bed Time Nature's Way - Vitamin A 10000 IU - 100 Soft-gels Nature's Way Zinc Chelate, 30 mg 100 caps 4 Days a Week 1hr Gym