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  1. I've been using the Fekkai Au Natural sulphate free shampoo. I am one of those people who get oil slicks 4 hours after shampooing but since I've been using this stuff along with the conditioner, I can even skip days between shampoos! Amazing! It doesn't lather up too awesomely but it does the job and my hair has never been this "normal."
  2. I really like this mask. I try to use it 2 times a week and would suggest no more than that. Recently, I have just spot treated with it and it helped diminish the size of a few pimples but left very slightly dry skin in that area for the next few days. This was probably because I left it on overnight (not doing that again). I would definitely moisturize after using the mask... I use a mixture of aloe and jojoba. While the mask does dry out the skin by absorbing moisture and oil, dry skin is
  3. I use honey as cleanser every morning (since I don't have to worry about removing makeup) and then I slather it on as kind of a quick mask in the evening after I remove my makeup. I use the unprocessed, unheated kind and it makes my skin feel very soft and helps clam redness. If you are switching from something hard like Clean and Clear or other acne brands, you may not feel like a honey cleanser is "working" because there is never going to be weird tingling or rough scrubbing grains, but if
  4. I would love to hear an update. I have started talking to friends about my picking obsession and I think it has helped remove some of the anxiety and stress that contributes to my picking.
  5. I am very fair skinned and freckled and I am OBSESSED with Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. I use the regular formula although they have an oil free. It never makes me look orange or fake and it feels really good on my skin.
  6. Well my husband has clear skin and he doesn't ever wash his face. Can't even stand to let water run over it in the shower. My friends with clear skin either don't wash their face at all or just use a basic cleanser like Aveeno or Olay. Most of the people I know with clear skin don't use or need a moisturizer and the only topical they use is sunscreen when necessary. I have a few friends who don't even wash their makeup off every night and still don't get breakouts from it.
  7. Breakfast: Green smoothie with spinach, banana, mixed berries, and almond milk Snack: Sweet potato chips Lunch: Carrots, cucumber, and hummus with a green apple and almond butter Dinner: Homemade Mexican chicken soup (shredded baked chicken breast, chopped onion, green bell pepper, two chopped jalapenos, chopped roma tomatoes, chicken stock, tomato sauce, and lots of delicious spices like cumin and paprika) with gluten free corn bread
  8. To be completely honest, even though I have acne and I probably pay more attention when others have it, I don't ever notice people with acne unless it is really out of control bad. I have friends and acquaintances with acne more severe than my own and I never think about their skin when I am interacting with them... or if I do notice it, it is just a fleeting thought and it doesn't color my opinion of them.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I am trying really hard to change the way I eat and the way I treat my acne... trying not to get discouraged by a little bit of vomiting.
  10. What would you suggest if I were to continue taking it? Maybe wait until evening? Take with more substantial food or protein?
  11. So I have been doing green smoothies for about 10 days now and most of the time all goes well, but twice now I have gotten bad nausea about 20 minutes after finishing my smoothie and today I couldn't keep it down at all. This really isn't normal for me... I haven't thrown up in years. I've also started a supplement routine... so needless to day my zinc, B vitamins, and women's multivitamin came right back up with breakfast... pills undissolved. I feel like my body hates me! I'm trying to do
  12. I would definitely recommend a good facewipe like YES to Cucumbers soothing face wipes which is really light and non-drying or you could always go for the no-water Cetaphil method. Just massage Cetaphil on your face and use a dry washcloth wipe off. If you've never done this before then it might sound odd, but it does a pretty good job and is even suggested on the back of the bottle. If you use a toner, you could always carry that in a mister bottle for quick and clean application. I think
  13. I second the Laura Mercier suggestion! I have used the oil free but I am currently using the regular formula tinted moisturizer and I love it and it has not led to any break outs. It is soothing and there are tons of color options. Can be pricey but you can buy the travel size from Sephora.
  14. I just put one drop of oil on my first three fingers of my left hand, then touch the tips to the fingers on my right hand and use my fingers to massage the oil in. I don't wipe it off and I don't look oily. I've been using jojoba oil for the past three weeks and I've loving it.