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  1. Yeah well i didnt mean to scare anyone especially accutane newbies but you should discard this topic cause my trigger is humidity. So if humidity doesnt trigger your acne then dont worry. So anyone else with any input please?
  2. So i think i may be screwed here. Its been a year off accutane and since ive been off it ive gotten pimples here and there. But my skin has always been prone to oiliness when it gets humid and now that its spring here the humidity is increasing and ive noticed im starting to get a couple of significant breakouts. Now normally i wouldn't care but after a year of getting pimples here and there and now this breakout im left with a lot of red marks and this has got to stop. Ive scheduled an appoint
  3. My last post got deleted :o so my commitment doesnt stand lol. Wutsup these days? PM me.....plz haha

  4. Epiduo blocked my pores. Did it heal your red marks though?
  5. Wutup?

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    2. Vampireninja09


      Speeches/presentations are never fun. I get so nervous beforehand, but then as I'm doing it, I'm fine. I'm sorry! :( I hope it's not bad things to come!

    3. capture


      :( didnt see my PM?
    4. Vampireninja09


      Sorry, I meant to respond! I'll do that right away.

  6. Hows SA this time of the year?

    1. Gutterflower


      Nice and toasty like every spring! It's so dusty, my car is red but it actually looks like a fractionally lighter shade with all the red dust covering it.

    2. capture


      No more daylight savings!


  7. I love you guys. You guys are spot on. Wicketts you're exactly like me lol.
  8. Not muuuch... I should be in bed because I have to pretend I have a life tomorrow. :<

  9. whats up, its late.

  10. frida 'special' K

  11. like bro i aint no h8er, 4 real. You already have scarring so what do u have to lose for trying retin-a (gel form preferrably). It does work. peace out whatever edit: narly is back in.
  12. So ur like 15? like...dude whatever i mean go on the retin-a is like totally the bomb for teen scarring zomg ive hear like a ton of narly reviews its UN-believable so if ur like..... hip then ask ur derm for retin-a and lay off lemon juice cause its totally out of fashion. peace out. whatever
  13. quite common. I was prescribed tretinoin after i finished my accutane course.