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  1. I currently use Elta MD. It's spf 45 and super light on the face. It's not very moisturizing, but it gets the job dones. It does have Zinc Oxide. I'm not sure how expensive it is because i got if for free when doing my omnilux treatments. At least I got something out of that fiasco. LOL
  2. I've been going to the derm for about 3 years now. My experience is that they will evaluate your acne and probably prescribe you an antibiotic and a topical retinoid. Then they will ask you to come back in about 6-8 weeks to see your progress. Some derms are great and some just don't care and are in a hurry to get you out of the office. Just make sure that you are completely honest with everything you are taking orally and topically. This might make a difference in what they prescribe you. Good
  3. I'm new to the board and just thought I would share some tips. I use the cetaphil sunscreen and lotion. It's pretty inexpensive, but I find it works the best with the dryness from the bp. I'm currently using Duac (BP/Clindamyacin) and know exactly what you are going through. Do you have the clarisonic? I think i may incorporate that into my cleansing routine at least in the evening. My skin definitely needs some exfoliating. I would also recommend drinking lots of water to help keep your skin mo