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  1. 2 pills down and I didn't blow up or die! So far, no side effects. My skin was a lil dry last night but I had gotten sun over the weekend, so it could have been that. Speaking of SUN - I'm realizing now that I planned a few concerts/outdoor events this summer.. Here's praying that I dont have any really bad breakouts around the time of them...EEK! More importantly - any advice on how bad will my skin be in the sun?? I've been wearing sunscreen everyday at my derm's recommendation. I'm fair s
  2. Saw your pictures posted in the gallery & it seems like you have similar skin to mine. Your blog & pictures made me feel better about starting accutane! How has it been since you are off of it? Are you happy with the results? I start this week & am super nervous...
  3. I'm fairly certain no one will read this, but the other logs on this site have made me feel better about starting accutane, so I'm going to give it a try! I have extremely fair skin & I've had mild to moderate acne since I was 14-15. It flairs up from time to time & seems to be hormonal - when I was on higher dosage BCP, it helped a lot but the the higher dosages made me legit ca-razy. So I couldn't deal with the emotional roller coster and am now on Loestrin, which my derm says is p