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  1. I´ve been dealing with this my entire freaking life. One of the most things that really bother me is when people stare at me, if they a re guys i actually don´t mind at all. Which is obvious a guy is going to stare at a girl , but what i hate the most is when girls stare at me. Sometimes i can see that, they are not really staring at my skin, they are just staring at my hair, my cloths, my shoes, etc. It really bothers me because staring is very rude, you can look at someone but do not stare a
  2. I´m very glad that you are not having any other hard side effects like most people have when they are on accutane. Just be patient the results are gonna come slowly but it will eventually, remove all of your pimples and the redness of the skin. Am glad to see people on this forum that are somehow happy, because their skin is getting better.
  3. We all know how you feel, i used to be very depressed at first and i always had mild acne. I can´t even imagine what you are going through, the other day i was looking at some pics here on this blog. People making public there pictures and i saw how severe there acne was and then i looked at the mirror and said to myself ´´ Aiko what are you complaining for´´? ´´you do not have moderated or severe acne like some people do, don´t be so shallow´´ but at the end i still have acne that´s why am here
  4. Me personally if i had clear skin and i saw a guy who had acne wheather it is mild, moderated or severe acne i just wouldn´t care. I sitll have acne so i wouldn´t have any problems dating a guy who has acne, because believe it or not, people are going to tell you that yes girls do care about a guy´s skin and looks but once you see someone you really like so much, then you just wouldn´t care. I have a friend she has super clear skin, very attractive but her boyfriend has moderated acne and she ju
  5. It did happened to me when i was probably like 15 or 16 years old. I would just sit on my bed and cry, cry and cry all day. Saying to myself how miserable my life is and that is so unfair that i can´t enjoy life like others. But that was in the past baby, now i still have acne, but i still don´t give a crap. Today i wore my best outfit, high heels, my wild curly hair and i went outside (i had to pick up my mom from my sister´s house) everybody where staring at me, guys and girls, but not staring
  6. You said that living in third world countries might be more scary...I´ll tell you this...i live in a third world country. Argentina (South America) and here we have tons of problems to worry about, hunger, crime, justice, economy and so many other things that if i tell you, you wouldn´t understand since you don´t live in my country. i lived in the U.S most of my life but now i´m back, from where i was born. In my country people are still happy you shouldn´t think that living in a third world co
  7. on an average day when you go out - how many people actually stop and comment to you about your skin? I find it really hard to believe that nearly everyone that sees you will mention your skin - no matter it's condition. My skin is worse than how yours is in the pics and I don't have people stopping me. Have I just been lucky in recent years? I have had someone say things in the past (when my skin was worse than it is now) but that was one person years ago. So one person, in 8 or so years of acn
  8. I understand what you are saying but for example people who are burn are seen like MONSTERS to society. Some of them won´t be able to get a job because of their looks, but with people who have acne will get a job do you understand what i´m trying to tell you? you are not alone there are days that i feel disgusted by my skin but MATURE people wont take you as a joke because of acne. Assholes are everywhere you just have to learn to deal with it. I have a friend whom is disfigured for life, she ha
  9. If you don´t have moderated or even severe acne just mild i wouldn´t recommend you to take accutane again because accutane is a very powerfull medication and it could bring more side effect and later on in your life you are going to face with more consequences. So, i would recommend you to try some topical products, maybe you do have a very very mild acne and you are just making this a terrible thing. Why don´t you upload some pics of your skin and by that we are going to be able to see how bad
  10. I´m so sorry for reading your story, i can feel what you are feeling right now. Hate, disgusted, scare, sad, and so many other things that only those who suffer from acne will really understand. I´ll tell you a little bit about my experience acne so you will feel a little bit better. I have acne since i was 11 or 12 years old, i would say that i´m battling acne for 11 years now i´m 21 years old and my skin got a little bit better than it was before when i was about 16 or 19. I still have som
  11. Why don´t you just go to see a dermatologist, you just can´t keep smoking the rest of your life just because your acne dissapears, you must find a solution. I heard that smoking cause acne and i saw alot of women that smoke and they have terrible acne.
  12. Sometimes i do feel very happy and i just ignore my skin. I go out with my friends and we hang out or we go to shopping. There are days were i´m very concerned about my skin especially when someone makes a negative remark towards your skin and you just feel so sad and down. But i guess it all depends on how you look at life, some people are amputee, some other are burn survivors, and yet they still love life and enjoy every minute of it. Just take a look at yourself and others and you will reali
  13. 8 years? i´ve been battling with acne for about 11 years!!!! i still had depression but now i just don´t really care anymore, i mean i do but i just rather enjoy life because they are people who are in a worst place than me.
  14. The only thing that i have in my skin are red marks, i have them in my cheeks, i did had alot of pimples in my forehead but i don´t have it anymore, my forehead is 99% clear, so in that part of my face i grew out of acne. But i still have red marks and i hate it because my skin is very white, almost pale i should say so it´s way more visible. And also it´s a little bit red, so alot of people think i have moderated acne, which in fact my skin is very smooth with no bumps just scars, and red marks
  15. It seems that you are a very sad person. I feel you, i´ve been there, and you said that you been battling with acne for about 8 years?, Well, i´ve been battling with acne for 11 years! And i still enjoy life to the fullest. Yes i do have to admit that there were times were i didn´t want to leave the hous, i just want it to stay inside of my house everyday and not going out. Or if i had to go out, i would try to hide my face so people won´t look at me. Especially when someone makes negative re