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  1. hi, i'm new here and i'm just about to start using Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion for my backacne. my bacne is not too serious but covers almost all of my back. how long does this regimen take to show improvement or get my back totally clear?
  2. oh i see... but now i have another problem. besides the burning, my skin is feeling really dry and even peeling at some places which makes my face look and feel rough. is that also common? will it subside??
  3. wow, glad to hear it's not that uncommon... but does the burning hurt really really bad like mine does? and after that my whole face feels really stiff and sort of dry the whole day/night long. is THAT normal?
  4. hi, i'm new here. I've just started the regimen for a few days and i noticed everytime i apply BP, it feels as if my face is burning. It gets all red and the pain is excruciating. It lasts about an hour. Is this normal?? and how long does the regimen take to show improvements??