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  1. My grandpa would always be like, "What is on your face!?' or "Stop picking it and it won't scar!" (They scar no matter what). Or it's something they do... My grandpa randomly bought me ProActiv. On the outside I was like, "Thanks grandpa!" but in the inside I was like... Or there is my mom who points it out CONSTANTLY. "Jenny, you need to do something about your face!" I know she's only trying to help because she suffered from acne as well, but it just hurts when it is pointed out
  2. While on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo ! I have just recovered from this stuff from last summer. I guess I broke out like a motha trucka because I missed a pill. At least that's what I remember. Now it's under control...but now I get to miss another pill because my refills are not in and I need it on Sunday but thee office is closed until Monday. Oh geezers. (pardon my vent )
  3. Whenever someone points out my acne I just shake it off or laugh it off and pretend it does not bother me that I have acne when secretly i just want to punch them in the face! Also, it depends on if they are also acne sufferers. If they have a totally 100% clear face...then it really upsets me.
  4. Well, my pimples I do get are coming in smallish. My scars are the worst it has been in forever though. It just makes me unhappy, but I keep truckin' through the day of my college classes and pretend they are not as bad as I think.
  5. Well, I am feelin' alright with my skin now. After about like 4 freakin' months...I'd say my skin is doing 10 times better than it was for those 4 months. Still, are those scars on my face. They're small, but still there.
  6. You could try drinking it perhaps? Like, one tsp mixed in with a bottle of water or something
  7. Today I feel like crap about my acne. It is at its worst ever! I don't wear makeup to cover it up. I just don't want to wear the makeup to cover it up. Ugh!
  8. Dear Acne, Yes, I am back again. And just like before, I am still so sick of you. You left me alone for a bit and now you are back and keep covering my face because of my birth control. I hate you so much right now! You're nothing but a pain in the butt! Go away. Leave me alone! Stop taking over my face like you own it. I've tried so many ways to keep you away from me, but all you do is come back and tick me off. I am not even going to ask you nicely to leave. GO. THE. EFF. AWAY. NOW. N
  9. Jennaaaay

    + Acne chilled out + Not much weight gained + Periods are lighter + Not very severe cramps (which is why I was put on it) - RETAIN A LOT of water if I screw up a pack (Missing a pill or taking one kind of late) - The water weight makes me puffy :\ - Missing a pill or taking one late = Constant breakout until a week before my next period Well, I was put on this pill after being on LoSeasonique (TERRIBLE PILL that made me breakout all over my legs and face). I had horrible
  10. Wow, it's been a while... 83 days later is a good amount of days to come to my conclusion about Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon for my face. First off, lemon does bring up future pimples (like someone had said as a comment). BUT, I had old scars from last summer and those suckers are not as visible anymore. I think it was the lemon that helped with it because I kept putting it on mainly that area. As for ACV, i do notice a HUGE difference since using it. I do not have a red face all the tim
  11. The indented scars won't fill up. Glycolic Acid peels help with indented scars though and marks.
  12. Well... Lately, it seems those little "soon to be pimples" finally decided to turn in to a pimple. : | On the plus side...the acne seems to be going away quicker AND not becoming a freakin' HUGE pimple. :') Really surprises me actually since I tend to get big ones on the cheeks and little ones on my forehead and chin. The one on my cheek is small. Every single day I have taken my Vit C and One a day womens along with ACV! Not bad...not bad at all.
  13. It's not the birth control. Ortho Lo is the birth control and I have been on it since like last June and I STILL broke out and got scars. It must be the ACV. It just has to be...