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  1. I'm inclined to agree with amykaylit because it makes sense since antibiotics will kill bacteria (good or bad) then there's no point in taking probiotics because it anti will end up killing all the good bacteria from the pro... BUT, since Krysuk has personal experience with benefitting while taking the two simultaneously there maybe something there....maybe something to do with the timing of taking each tablet.. Krysuk: in what sequence do you take the two... how much time difference do you pu
  2. Hey Folks, I've read that it's a good idea to take a probiotic (contains good bacteria) along with mino because mino ends up killing the good bacteria along with the harmful ones. I was wondering wouldn't the mino also kill the bacteria from the probiotic? so it would be of no benefit to take a probitoic because the mino would ned up killing the good bacteria anyways. am i missing something? Thanks.
  3. I think mandelic acid is a little strong for me so i'm planning to use it every other night. The reason i like the idea of this acid is that it's an exfoliant and an anti-bacterial. It's like applying Glycolic acid and BP but MUCH gentler. Also it's not oily so it's good for my very oily skin. Besides, there's a lot of talk on the scar treatment forum about this acid.
  4. Thanks Marvel. I have extremely oily skin and hence tons of blackheads and clogged pores so i had a mini-facial done mainly for extractions before the clearlight maintenance treatment. I figured it's only been a month since i started the mino so it wouldn't help the pimples that are alredy in the process of forming so i might as well have them extracted. But you're right i look hideous-blotchy all over.
  5. Hey Folks, I know some of you are taking a probiotic (Acidophillus), while on mino. My questions is that when do you take the probiotic? Along with the mino or at a different time? I would think that if they're both taken at the same time then the mino might end up killing the good bacteria, contained in the probiotic. Appreciate any replies. Thanx Vik
  6. Hey guys, I've been on minocycline for the past month and got a mini-facial (non-glycolic) yersteday along with one session of clearlight. I was wondering if anyone had a facial/clearlight done while on mino and wether i should be concerned at all about the facial redness taking longer to subside. Appreciate any replies. Thanx Vik
  7. i kinda freaked out initially because they started off as huge red bumps. They're coming to a head now but it's still scary. My pores look huge too. Did you guys experience that?
  8. I'm doing the SA BP and GA routine. I'm on week 2 and breaking out like crazy. I'm getting huge spots not like the regular pimples but much larger and red. I'm wondering if you guys experienced the same or were yours liny pimples when you broke out? I really need to know coz i'm going nuts since this is probably the worst i've broken out. Thanks guys.
  9. Some of you are using a toner for the glycolic acid part and i was wondering why? Is it because the Lotion or cream is too strong for you? And do you wash off the toner after a couple of mins or leave it on? Thanx
  10. Hey Folks, I've been using mandelic acid for the last 3 days-about 3 pumps for the whole face but my face is getting redder and irritated. I would like to continue using this and was wondering if any of you experienced this initially and did it get better? Also what moisture do you guys use along with mandelic acid? I may reduce the frequency and use it every other day until my skin gets the hang of it, what do you think? Thanx
  11. I was wondering if anyone that has experienced irritation using salicylic acid in the past has had success with the "Acne cure" method? I have sensitive skin and i think the combination of salicylic acid (which has irritated my skin in the past, i used the gel in the past) and glycolic acid would irritate my face. Appreciate your replies. Vik
  12. Hey People, For all those using mandelic acid, how much do you use? For example: 1 pump or 2 pumps and so on... Thanx Vik
  13. hey folks, i've been using 10% mandelic acid serum for a week but i find my skin getting too dry. Do you guys use moisturizer and if so do you apply it before or after the mandelic acid? Thanx vik