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  1. I have no self esteem or confidence either, and I'm only 13. Most of my friends have clear, beautiful skin and then when they get 1 pimple they complain. they're so lucky they don't have to deal with this whenever my self esteem starts to gain back up, SOMEONE has to come and say something to me and ruin everything.
  2. Yup, theres this little kid in preschool in my school, her names Abigail. I walked into the class and all the kids were saying hi to me, but Abigail said "eww dont talk to her, she's nasty! She has that stuff on her face!" I was so sad after that I know she's only five and she doesn't really know any better, but it still hurt.
  3. Same here. I'm a perfectionist, so I have to do everything perfectly and i have to look perfectly too. I just look in the mirror and just point out all of the things that are wrong with me. I hate being this way
  4. The akward moment when someone points out your acne right infront of someone you have a crush on. Yup, happened to me a couple days ago.
  5. It's probably the sulfur. That stuff smells so badd I love it but the smell is awful.
  6. na, that's not how it works. you're getting a lil bit deluded here. acne doesn't make someone unattractive. acne makes you self-conscious and everybody wants to look well-groomed. go walk around the mall, yeah lots of clear skin whatsoever but how many of them are pretty? i guess you're right. but i kind of got this thought in my mind that if they have pretty skin, that automatically makes them pretty :/ but thats just my thoughts, u guys probably think differently than me.
  7. Yea I think chin acne is hormonal. I've seen it on so many of those Chinese facial maps and someone on here has said it too.
  8. If you would ask a guy/girl that doesn't have acne this question, he/she would probably say someone with acne isn't attractive because that's just how mean and cruel people are! I mean maybe not all people would say that, but I know most of them would.
  9. I have exactly what you have in pretty much the same places. Aloe Vera works okay, if u have it try it!
  10. I agree with asburypark, sulfur helps a lot with whiteheads. I think it's better than bp
  11. Usually what happens to me is that bp clears a breakout, but then a breakout pops up somewhere else. -.- I hate it when that happens. It always does though
  12. I know exactly how you feel especially today cause you have to visit family, and it's horrible and whenever they look at my face I get self conscious and look away. When I woke up to open my presents, my mom had her camera and was taking pictures and I wasn't too excited about that. I tried my hardest to stay away from the camera and to just keep my back to it. Holidays aren't as fun for me anymore.
  13. Wow you're skin is getting better, lucky you! It wasn't even that bad in the first place though! Good luck
  14. Kara =)

    Great for acne! Works on marks too. Kot very moisturizing, if not drying. I've been using this for a week so far, and it's really working for my marks. I like it a lot and will continue using it. :)
  15. Yea I have chin acne like that too! It's never on the middle of my chin which is so weird. I get whiteheads though ;(