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  1. I have been on a terrible quest to find the best makeup for covering up DENTED scars (like rolling and boxcar) and nothing seems to work. Some hold up pretty good for a few hours, then the scars are showing again. I also have alot of redness in my face. Can anyone explain how to get my complexion more even? I thought this might be a good topic for everyone with scarred faces!!!
  2. I just ordered a sample size 1 oz. of a 30% lactic acid peel from www.chemical-facial-peel.com. I hope this is a reputatable site. I could not find any information except that is has a ph of 2.2. Does this sound like a good ph. I have sensitive skin and cannot use Glycolic Acid on my face. If there anything that would be good to put on before and after this peel. I have some CP products. Trireduction Protect and Restore, Emu Oil, Day Cover. Trying to do this best I can for my old scarr
  3. I decided to try and put my own ingredients together. I am thinking that by using only certain good products (instead of the moisturizers you buy in the store) it will minimize your bad reactions to several different products on your face. Let me know what you think. I have not tried this out yet, but have all of the products to join them together. Also, has anyone else tried making their own??? This is what I have to put together: Glycerin Jojobya Oil Aloe Vera Honey (All pure form) Ple
  4. Thank you OursFan. You always seem to reply to everyones posts.
  5. OK, after looking thru some posts, I am seriously considering Smoothbeam as my option. My scars are pretty old, probably around 20 years old. Where is the cheapest and best place to go here in Illinois, I live in central Illinois. Also, do I need a referral from a regular derm. first. Thanks so much!!
  6. Hello, I am new to the board and so glad that I found it!! Please forgive me for lenght of this message, I just do not want to leave anything out about my history. I was wondering if anyone here can explain this dilema to me. I am 38 years old. Had very bad acne in grade and high school. Since then, my acne has tapered off quite a bit, so I would say may acne is mild to moderate off and on now. I would explain my skin now as VERY SENSITIVE, ACNE PRONE, CLOGGED PORES, SOMEWHAT OILY (but can