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  1. Hi guys, so I suffer mild to moderate acne. I have somewhat of a dysmorphic perspective on my skin. Whenever I get a pimple, even if its relatively small, I zero in on it and fixate. I have OCD and have themes completely separate from this, but with pimples I obsess, have to run to the mirror every few minutes and the worst- compulsively pick and and pop, until I have giant scabs and infections My pimples go from being relatively minor, to being large swollen abscesses that last for weeks. I'm
  2. Hey, so five days ago I woke up to find the area around my lip swollen, and a tiny bump near my lip that really hurt. As the day progressed, the bump seemed to get bigger, and the swelling was really noticeable. The next day it seemed to come to a head, so I tried popping it. It became really infected and more swollen, so the next morning I went to the clinic and they prescribed me keflex (cephalexin) antibiotics. By this time a scab had formed. I have been on keflex for three days, and
  3. I can really empathize with what you're going through because it's extremely frustrating to try and cover up pimples without looking like you've caked cover up on. What I do is after I take my make up off at night, I use aloe vera gel (comes in a pump, and its green!) which helps with redness and irritation (with acne scars as well as current redness with acne) and then I spot-check with polysporin, dabbing pimples with it and scars, because it GREATLY reduces swelling, redness, and irritation.
  4. Cysts can be really unpredictable, and although everyone says DON'T POP THEM (obviously because they're deep) I find if I don't, they will stay for a long time, settle down, and then flare back up again months later. What I think really helps me is using polysporin. Put it on that (just on it, not on the surrounding area) and it minimizes scarring, as well as shortens the lifespans on pimples (I have found) and brings anything to the surface that remains in there, so you can pop it without damag
  5. Hey, so I had these two pimples under the surface, and when I woke up today they had came out as these huge, hard pimples with little white heads at the center. I tried popping them, but they were just getting swollen so I left them alone. A couple hours later the pain was getting to be too much, so I went at them, and started popping them, and the pain subsided a bit. I immediately lathered polysporin on the area, which was red and bloody and looked nasty, to be honest. Like SEVEN HOURS LATER I
  6. Hey so I've been on accutane for a week now, and I wanted to get some answers about it. Me and my sister went to the doctor a week ago, and both were prescribed accutane. she has severe acne, and has been on accutane before, and it works for her. I on the other hand, have mild/moderate acne, where I get a cyst here and there. I told this all to my doctor upon arrival, and she said that accutane was more widely prescribed for all kinds of acne, and that she would be put on a low dose, and i shoul
  7. Hey, so I've always had mild to moderate acne, with my skin complexion overall good with a couple bad pimples a month that I try not to obsess over. Recently, I've been extremely stressed with school, and I saw a pimple starting to come out. I left it alone, but day 4 and it came out as a huge pimple. I mean huge, no exageration! It's very weird, because its a cyst for sure, but there's no swelling around it and the pain is minimal. I've been trying to leave it alone, but I have two big presenta
  8. Hey, so a couple days ago I had a pimple on my cheek, not really that big but very painful. When I touched it I could feel the whitehead just below the surface, so I tried to pop it, and only a little puss came out... Everything seemed fine, so I covered it up a couple hours later and went out with friends. The next morning I woke up, and it was this giant THING, all dry and surrounded by a large ring of red, and so painful. It obviously got infected some how, and its around the size of a dime,
  9. my sister had severe acne, went on accutaine for three months, and it virtually cleared up her skin for six months, and now it's back and the same as before, maybe a bit better at times but overall it was practically pointless
  10. I used to NEVER get acne on my nose, then a couple months ago I got a huge one, and nothing worked except for Clean and Clear spot treatment. I kid you not, it doesn't work as effectivey anywhere except for on my nose! And we're talking about big pimples that would have the lifespan of at least two weeks otherwise- I got one nose pimple after the other, and after three days they are nonexistent! It's worth a try, I was so pleasantly surprised!
  11. It is so much easier said than done when it comes to not caring about your skin! I am a stress bunny when it comes to my skin, and though I think that only adds fuel to the fire, i can't help it! But I think your advice is spot on and I really want to stop worrying about my skin, it takes so much time out of my day being miserable and obsessing!
  12. I am using it now, and at first I really didn't think it was going to work for me. Like you, after the first week it got better and I was walking on sunshine, but then week 2 I started breaking out, and that happened from week 2 to week 7. At the start of week seven (this past week) my skin has completely cleared up and my over all complexion is better (in those weeks I had mad breakouts, like it seemed I had more pimples on my face then I'd had all year) but now my clear skin has remained cons
  13. Hey so I have a tendency to rub my eyes a lot, and now because of this I have a puffy red pimple-like lump just below my eye. I had gotten one like it once before, and after a while I put clearasil on it and it went down immediately. But this time around, the morning after doing the same thing, it looks ten times worse and the whole area under my eye looks red and swallen. I look like a mess and I have no idea what to do. has this happened to anyone else? Please help!! + now, the pimple doe
  14. Hey, so now I have been on Retin A in just over six weeks, and it still doesn't seem to be working. The IB has stretched on for this long, and for someone who has mild/moderate acne, it is slightly discouraging. I have more acne on my face now than I have ever had! I don't know how much longer I can take, to be honest, because I'm left with some pretty brutal hyper pigmentation. How long should I wait before I get off of it? Is it worth all this? I need some advice:)