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  1. Having same problem with a cyst on my cheek. Been months now, every few days it fills up with blood.
  2. If it actually is a cyst, do not squeeze it unless it's already oozing out. Is this a re-occuring cyst? Try icing it and letting it scab over
  3. I'm currently having the EXACT same problem, going on month 2. Nothing helps - BP, Hydrogen peroxide, Polysporin, baking soda etc. Has yours cleared up??
  4. A week or so ago I made a post about a cyst on my jawline, that I poked with a needle/squeezed etc. It wasn't making any progress until I stopped using Benzocreme on it. Then I saw progress. I iced it every night and it went down to a good size. Today I woke up and it seemed bigger and red. There was also a whitehead so I gently squeezed it and a mixture of white liquid pus and a bit of blood drained out. Didn't pop just drained. Now its noticable again Does this mean it's infected? What s
  5. Cold water, gently on it before bed. If it scabs over put a bit of moisturizer on it. Nose pimples are the worst! Well actually, the ones on the side of the nose aren't as bad but for some reason nose pimples make me the most self conscious.
  6. How long has this fruit thing been working for you? There were times when I thought I found my acne "cure", which usually lasted a month and then I would get a big zit again. This happened with benzo peroxide and cutting out dairy. They worked wonders at first but after a while I learnt they didn't cure acne but they certainly helped! Anyway, I'm going to eat more fruit now
  7. When I first glanced at the pics I thought you were trolling, then I clicked on them and saw a few pimples that looked like are in the process of healing. Maybe cut out dairy for a month and see if you still get zits.
  8. Things that get me through a bad acne day? Cover up (I'm male so this is a little secret and I hate having to use it) Things that get me through a HORRIBLE acne day? MY DOG, who doesn't look at me different if my face is $#%^'ed up also, watching movies helps me, as well as music.
  9. Okay, I will stop putting benzoperoxide on it. Is that just in terms of scabs, or cysts? Because if I have a small easy going pimple, when I apply benzo it's dried up and gone by 1-2 days
  10. BACKGROUND: Okay so I have a cyst on my right jawbone for about 3-4 years. It began as a big zit that was provoked by me . It was dormant up until a month or so ago. I always had a little bump under my skin, but up until recently I left it alone and it kept to itself. Last month I started squeezing it more (nothing would ever come out) and as this went on it got bigger, reddder etc. One night, I wasn't thinking clearly and I decided I wanted to try and pop/drain this thing myself. I've seen DIY
  11. I've been doing Urine Therapy topically for a couple weeks. I found, it doesn't stop acne from appearing, rather it helps acne heal faster and makes my skin feel tight
  12. What part of your face are they on? Does popping them make them more noticeable? If so, I'd say stop popping them, even though it sounds pretty fun cause they make noise. If you want to get rid of them, try baking soda, hot water, urine therapy. Or if it's under your skin, and isn't inflamed, just leave it. I've had bumps under my skin that have lasted more than two years, and now I'm noticing them going away.