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  1. Hello Miss, Your strategy works - this is exactly what I'm currently doing BUT DONT overdose on things! If you kill bacteria that quickly you could get a horrendous "die off" reaction and feel very very ill... I have used those things too before also with great results (the only reason I am back is because I tried a high fruit diet and ruined 6 months of hard work) but not in such vast amounts. High doses like that will do more harm than good.. All I will suggest to you, is that you eliminate th
  2. Also I should add, for the weight issue you just have to eat extra fat. I am quite lean on this diet too, but just eat lots of oily fish and a couple of handfuls of nuts and a few tbs of coconut oil. Eggs are good too. Plus extra vegetables - as much as possible. I usually munch through about 3 large piles of salad a day. I also find fruits not to be a good thing but perhaps a portion of brown rice would put a few lbs on you too... One dose of gluten free, low GI carbs is tolerable I think. Plu
  3. Hey CV, I was having the same trouble with digestion of meats and fat... But I found that is so because I have eaten too many carbs throughout my life and my stomach acid has become weak as a result. I took large doses of Betaine Hydrochloride and found it helped massively. I also took fiber supplements, psyllium and flax seeds, raw garlic, coconut oil and lots of raw onion too, to kill off the yeast. If it helped your inflammation then that's got to be the answer, it's just the digestion takes
  4. BETAINE HYDROCHLORIDE! It's great for getting one accustomed to the more dense diets. I used this to cure my chronic heartburn and it was an absolute god send. I was using this in vast amounts the last time I cleared my face. If you don't digest dense foods very well it's probably because of low HCl - carbohydrates do not need acidity to be digested but the paleo type foods do. I'm taking 12 x 500mg capsules a day and it's working well
  5. I find the paleo diet is the only thing that keeps me under control, but only without fruit. Fruits (except lemons) break me out badly. Eating smaller amounts (even of protein and fat) seems to rev the healing process too, which again seems to be related to the blood sugar issue. The fact that fasting also reduces acne (probably the quickest method) also supports this. The only problem I have is that it's easier (for me at least) to over-eat on the paleo diet. I would like to fast again but
  6. Hi En Be --- I hope the paleo diet works for you. It didn't for me. As I wrote above I don't think that for most people diet alone can solve the problem because it is more about how the pores are structured than what we eat. Diet may help reduce inflammation and sebum which may in turn reduce the overall severity of acne but you also have to help the pores shed properly in order to get totally clear. I think people with very mild acne can sometimes can get clear with diet alone but for most
  7. Dianette didn't work for me unfortunately.
  8. Because when you follow an anti-candida diet, it's pretty hard to not be following a blood sugar stabilizing diet that avoids most sources of food intolerance and lectins. And you are most likely following a pretty anti-inflammatory diet as well. Well exactly. Though I did have candida symptoms though, and plenty of them. I concluded it was candida because of all the anti-biotics I took, which only made it worse. I also had a horrendous "die off" effect when I went on the diet. Can't he
  9. There are too many people with success stories to rule out candida. I took antibiotics for 18 months and it made my acne about 10x worse. I cured it with the anti candida diet. I also tried your "Clear for Life" and it ruined 6 months of work.
  10. An old post I know, but I thought I could add to this. I had GERD (as well as acne) a couple of years back and tried everything I could to get rid of it. I searched and searched until finally I found some convincing info on betaine hcl and began supplementing, gradually increasing the dose. I went up to 13 x 325mg capsules a day and still experienced no burning, however my 2 year long severe daily heartburn symptoms went away when combining this with the low carb diet IN LESS THAN A WEEK! Over
  11. That's not the case for me. Diet never made any difference whatsoever. I can eat literally anything (well, anything non-toxic lol) if I stick to the regimen and almost never have any kind of significant acne issues. Really, it's a bit like trying to pinpoint what causes heart attacks, for example. It's impossible because every case is brought about by a different combination of issues. This could be why no cure has ever been found for acne. The closest is probably Accutane, but that's li
  12. Completely. The food industry's aim is simply to make money. This means preservation and savings wherever possible comes before quality, thus "milk contains potentially harmful bacteria" is "common knowledge" and in many places, raw milk is even illegal to buy. What utter crap. How about apples or bananas? They don't even rot anymore because they've been irradiated and no longer contain beneficial bacteria that would otherwise ensure better digestion. I believe there are answers, but it really
  13. I bet the 0.79% 60+ and 2% 50 odd are a happy bunch!
  14. What does this involve? Fasting? Yeah that works, but only temporarily. You have to eat again at some point! Seems rather low to make money from blagging some scientific crap and selling it to desperate people with this horrible affliction. Another downside to fasting all the time is that you lower your metabolic rate. This increases the liklihood that when you begin eating again you will get fat and twice as spotty. Saying that, if you can control it and only do it when you need a quick cleari