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  1. I have suffered from some of the most emotionallys scarring facial acne since I turned 11 or 12 years old. I am now 24 and have lived a life of humiliation, solitude, and accute pain. For years I have been trying to treat my acne with dermatologists and basically anything out there. I have restricted my diet, I have followed the regimen, I have tried proactiv, and even some accutane in the past (which would be interruped, unfortunately, due to me moving to a different state or country). When I s
  2. It has been a while since I updated but a lot has happened. I will post progress (or lack thereof to be more accurate) soon. I am quite struggling. I went to the derm and was prescribed Doryx & Zyana Gel for 6 weeks. I waited out 6 weeks and noticed little improvement. My skin got less torn and flaky because I was told to stop using too much BP. After 6 weeks though, I still had active acne so I was switched onto minocycline + epiduo gel for ANOTHER 6 weeks. Painful, but I recently just fini
  3. I skipped week 7 update because work was crazy. So, I have kept using 150 doryx every day and started to use Ziana every night. I only use a little bit of BP (dan's) in the morning as spot treatment but nothing else...my skin is no longer dry now that I'm not bathing it in BP so I don't really find the need to moisturize...I also barely use sunblock because this month work is crazy and I get in at 7 and leave after 10pm so I don't ever get sun exposure. My face does not currently have any activ
  4. 6 Weeks in. I decided to go see a derm (two in fact) as my life is destroyed. The depression is incredible, I only work, work out, and sulk at home and feel like crying. Girls treat me like I'm some disgusting piece of trash. My derm gave me 150mg Doryx to be taken once a month and also Ziana gel to be used at night every other night and build up to using it every night. I am currently still using Dan's regimen in the morning (but have toned down the BP a lot, basically only a bit on the affect
  5. I have been on Dan's for about a month, got into AHA a week ago, makes my skin feel softer and I think I'm slowly getting better though I still have cysts and scarring. The derm this morning prescribed me Ziana to be used every other night initially and Dorxy 150mg. My question is..should I still use the regimen (wash + bp + moisturize) in the mornings and (wash+bp+AHA) at nights before I transition to Ziana every night? Any advice or experience with this is greatly appreciated thank you!
  6. I have acne marks on my skin but also a little bit of active acne. I'm over a month into Dan's and using his AHA+ at night. I use purpose as my cleanser and cetaphil as my moisturizer. I was reading in a forum that red marks and such have Demin intense gel as a popular treatment...can this be used in combination with the regimen or not? If so, would you recommend I use it and how? Thank you
  7. I recently started using cetaphil (replacing Olay complete and dan's which I had tried previously) and I use it during the day (I mix it in with a sunblock). I could avoid dabbing AHA and BP on the raw skin..hopefully won't get discoloration or something. Thanks!
  8. Well the parts for the under the eyes I dab separately with my pinky finger making sure it does not spread any BP there. This was happening before I recently started using AHA though. I find it strange that the rawness would emerge there as it's not exactly beneath the eye..it's more like on the cheek isn't it?
  9. Help! I have attached a picture. It is much more visible/discernible in real life but I have circled it in the picture. I make sure I don't get BP close to my eyes..is the circled region of my face considered too close though? It looks red as if it had been scraped. Should I cease using BP on that region for a bit? What about AHA+? I have dan's and have been using it at night as my moisturizer..I use that one very close to my eyes as well so as to avoid discoloration. Thanks
  10. While I have seen a reduction in the number of breakouts, my skin looks horrible..it has a combination of acne which is not all gone, PIH, dryness and redness. I started the regimen using dan's products. With time I transitioned to using Purpose as my cleanser since I found it much less drying than Dan's cleanser. I was using a mixture of his moisturizer with Neutrogena 90spf but the dry skin and flakiness was killing me so I tried jojoba oil but it broke me out a bit so I stopped. I then got Ol
  11. Thanks for the advice on Shea Butter! So far the Cetaphil is feeling ok in terms of moisture..it does look a bit greasy but in any case my face looks sunburned (despite me using sunblock). It looks like I have rosy cheeks.
  12. Just got the cetaphil moisturizing lotion for all skin types. I am going to try it today and really hope it helps! I will probably wear sunblock on top of it when I need it outdoors. Wish there was a consensus on which is the best moisturizer though..or at least a ranking of some sort.
  13. So do you use the Cetaphil lotion without spf and THEN on top of that use sunblock? Also, what is the full name of said cetaphil lotion?
  14. 2 lotions? In your experience what moisturizers do you find most moisturizing? The dryness is outrageous I can't move my face!
  15. You find it to be more moisturizing than the Olay one or the Dan? And which cetaphil is it? Does it have spf? I don't find the Olay to be that moisturizing but it had the spf and I need the spf after all.