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  1. ACCUTANE!!!! Without a doubt THE best thing I've ever taken for my acne. I've had no breakouts since I've been taking it, which has been for 3 months.
  2. Did your Derm tell you this? I wonder why they don't put a lable on the prescription container. All of my other meds (Allegra, Motrin, etc.) have that little sticker that tells you to take with food, take on an empty stomach, etc. Why doesn't this?
  3. I had read on this board that people are recommending you take Accutane with food. I asked my doc and she said she never heard of this before. I also looked on the packaging, and no where did it say to take the meds with food. My pharmacist was stumped also. My question is: Has anyone been told to take it with food? Or is this a wives tale on the web.
  4. Hey Ant, I use the new Fusion Razor with Aveeno Body Wash to shave with in the shower. It works great. Also, I would recommend that if you want to keep using an electric, do yourself a favor and pay the extra cash for a good one. Nothing under $50 is worth a crap. Mine is a $70 Norelco 3 head and I've never had problems.
  5. Hey tootle, I used to be very oily. I had to wipe off my face around 8 times a day. Now, I'm going on my 3rd month (1mo 40mg x1 a day, 1mo 40mg x 2 a day) and my oil has basically diminished. My doc told me that Accutane is the only treatment that will permanently shrink your sebaceous (oil) glands. They think that "Blue Light" therapy will do it also, but it is too new and no studies have been concluded yet. Accutane is the only way to be sure. I hope your treatment works out well.
  6. Ant, I'm on 40mg x 2 a day. I noticed that when I went from 1 x a day to 2 x a day, my oil levels went up a little for about a week and a half. After that my oil totally diminished. It could just be your body reacting to the new dosage. I'd wait a few and see what happens over the next week or two.
  7. Hey Mac, I noticed this too. I'm a coupla weeks ahead of you in the cycle (started Feb. 17) and I noticed blackheads too. My derm said they are more prominent as they come to the surface. They should fall out with normal washing, but I like to gently scrub my face to help them along. Two weeks ago every pore had one, now they are almost all gone. What moisturizer did you finally go with? slmonkey2 (Tom) 35yr old male
  8. WEEK 5 80mg (40mg tablets morning and night) This was my first full week on 80mg a day. No new or old pimples on my face! The blackheads I have are disappearing rather quickly. I've been gently exfoliating every other day in the shower using a soft sponge that my wife bought me. This seems to help unplug the ones that are near the surface of the skin. My face has become less oily, although, it depends upon how much Aveeno moisturizer I use. If I shave, then use alot in the morning my fac
  9. Yes, I'm a guy. But I have no spots on my face. My derm prescribed accutane to shrink my oil glands, mine are hyperactive. I only have blackheads right now, which are falling out daily. I just thought I'd help the process by gently scubing them off in the shower. slmonkey2
  10. I was just wondering if anyone exfoliates on accutane, and if so, how often. I've been gently exfoliating my face in the shower every moring. So far I haven't experienced any major redness or irritation, but I've only been on tane for a little over a month and have now started taking 80mg a day from 40. I just wanted to know if my face will now become more sensitive. slmonkey2
  11. WEEK 4 40mg x 1 per day DOSAGE UPDATE: Went to the Derm yesterday. Gonna bump me up to 40mg x 2 a day starting Friday (tomorrow). This dosage should dry the bejesus out of my face but I'm ready for it. Now for the week in review: What a great week!!! I can't believe how good my skin looks. My face is rarely oily. In fact, I don't even have to wipe/wash it off at all during the day anymore. I am starting to get a little dry. A few flakes here and there. But otherwise no major pee
  12. Hey Mikey, My derm and pharmacist recommended Aveeno Daily Moisturizer while on Accutane. I have used it for several weeks and love it. I think its great for guys. I'd also recommend thier washes for shaving and cleansing. slmonkey2 (Tom)
  13. Chris, Make sure your doc has entered you into the system. I got my ipledge card about two weeks into the cycle. And you will need that card to refill your script. Better get on this now so you don't miss a day, or god forbid, a week because your doctor screwed up. Chop chop! slmonkey2
  14. Just wanted to refresh this thread to give everyone who had pain on accutane a chance to respond. I know you're out there.............. slmonkey2