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  1. I read a lot about what, if any, topicals (vitamin a, e, copper peptides, ect.) to use after rolling/stamping and I found mixed advice. Some doctors and sites said that what you put on after was practically as important as the rolling , but other said not to put anything on your skin because its being absorded directly into the blood stream at very concentrated levels and is bad for your body and stresses your skin. They also said it really doesn't help that much and its more important to focus
  2. Hi, I am posting today to seek your advice and personal experiences in the use and knowledge of Dermarollers in the treatement of acne scarring. I am very interested in using dermarolling as an effective way of tackling my own acne scarring I acquired many years ago. Before I continue Ill explain my own background in brief. I had developed moderate to occasionally sever nodulistic acne when I was about 16 years old. I tried many ineffective orally taken antibiotics which left me with no signif