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  1. it's been awhile! Pretty busy lately -__-" but yea emm back here! So i have this new product my mom introduced to me (PONDS Gold Radiance). I didn't like it the first time I tried it because I felt very oily and my face was so shiny with the micro gold particles in it. I didn't use it after the first try because I hated seeing my face shiny and oily basically, I never saw the results but these last passing days; I was surprised how flawless my mom looked when I stared at her one time. I comple
  2. wasn't able to write yesterday I was out the whole day cause' it's father's day. My face isn't that good and I know why sleeping at 2 am for 4 days, using too many cosmetics and facial products. I regret doing so -_-" I feel how stressed my skin is and I think if it can complain, it will! So I'll stop using some of the products and lessen down the cosmetics. I also started not to wear make-up just today, though I feel terrible. But I did what I had to. My skin needs a BREAK. Our skin gets exha
  3. I was very excited to spend the weekend with the whole family, so when I got up this morning; I did a quick wash and groomed myself for going out (well I didn't dress up, I did my make-up to start off). I even slept with a couple of buns to set my hair curled. So when I came to breakfast, the sad reality killed me xD arrrrghhhh! Dad was going to teach english to a bunch of japanese people! So that means we're stuck at home xD oh make-up went to waste.why is the title like that? well it's because
  4. Supposedly day 8 but since I missed last tuesday, it's day 7 x] So yea, I got breakouts last wednesday because I was so stressed out and missed my regimen. And now they're almost gone :] I'm just hating the marks it's leaving but hopefully green tea would repair it c;The other day I was reading and searching for DIY's. So while doing so, there was suddenly a question in my head that popped out! Most "natural" home treatments are primarily composed of foods that are very rich in vitamins and mine
  5. I was totally off since yesterday :/ and my good for nothing ex boyfriend keeps bugging the hell out of me! what is his problem? always putting me down. Such an asshole! Probably one of my greatest source of stress!! STRESS, affects not only skin but whole body systems. It actually destroys everything >.< if you get stressed out, you'll tend to think too much and not do the things you should do properly. Results would likely be a sad life full of worries, poor physical appearance, poor lif
  6. Yesterday I went out the whole day and went on my bike. I was very exhausted when I got home and the bed just pulled me down! I never got to use the mask last night because I really wanted to sleep already. When I woke up this morning......great "breakouts". I just missed one night of the regimen and there they are again but still, everyone at home seems to notice how my acne scars dramatically faded. I just hate the few breakouts today, hope it's gone by tomorrow!Also, I've been sleeping quite
  7. As I've mentioned in my previous entry, I'm using a green tea yogurt mask and it's the only regimen that gave me promising results as early as the first time I used it. It's been 5 days and I was surprised to wake up peeling, but not crazily peeling (ones that are very dry and red). The parts peeling are my scars and mini bumps but it isn't really obvious. This may sound icky but I tried to peel off one of the spots and when I got the thin layer of dead skin off, it's like there never was a dark
  8. Good day! I'm in a crazy good mood today though i had a break out last night, well it was just one! and thank God it's gone when I woke up this morning Know what I did? So basically this entry is about it because I just can't believe how effective it is for me! I just don't know if it will work the same for you, but I've done research about it and I have never seen/read anyone who ever complained or having break outs while using those all natural products. Then with that I decided to make my ve
  9. Never pictured myself as a model but as a first timer, I was praised a lot! Not to mention that not even a SINGLE ZIT showed! T'was awesome! I had lots of fun and my face is now publicly posted! WOAH I shall continue my regimen, until I clear up amazingly! Believe me folks, green tea and proper diet changed my life :] Just sharing the successful news! Hope you find inspiration to be confident too! I wanted to share my pictures so that everyone would believe me but i'm still uncomfortable
  10. Tomorrow is the day! At exactly 10:00 am tomorrow I'll be seeing the photographers reaction Well hey, it's not that bad anymore! It's just scars and a bit of little tiny bumps but nothing major that would destroy the pictures ( i hope xD ) But yea, thank you acne.org! Somehow I found ways to lessen up my acne within just a few days! Although I didn't actually used BP, I followed the steps and read reviews and blogs (where I found the BEST home solutions!) which really HELPED A LOT! Thank God I
  11. I'm about to turn 18 next month and the greatest twists in my life came recently. I'm currently residing here in Japan and everything is really a lot better here than to where I came from. Other than being in Japan, I was offered a modeling job by my father's friend. He came to know me when he saw a picture of me at my father's desk and since then he got very interested in me. So yeah, it was a thrilling fact that a modeling job was slapped right into my face! I know lots of girls who work their