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  1. so it's been almost two months, 6 days till two months! woohoo! skin is finally clearing up nicely, it's under control and can be covered by makeup. i've learnt to avoid nuts, spicy food coffee and dairy. altho i've done so in the past, it's never rid me of breakouts. i would wake up with new zits everyday and it was detrimental to my mental health. now i can finally leave the house with no makeup and still be relatively comfortable. can't wait for the final result. so far it's been amazing. i
  2. Day 38 skin has slowly but surely improved. now i have maybe one active on my face, and i can feel that skin is less oily, pores are smaller, and skin is less irritated. red marks are still present but i'm not worried bout those. once the pimples subside red marks shld slowly fade as well. very happy with the progress so far and it's only been a bit more than a month! i think my IB period is over!
  3. Day 31 Today face is under control, no painful spots, just some lingering ones... but who knows, tmr might be a complete different story, i'm just happy today i dont look hideous! but yay! finally on month 2 of accutane, week 5 of accutane!! 3 more months to go
  4. this. really. sucks. day 28, this would be the forth week since starting. and today my skin is looking crap. 5 or so actives, two prominently display on my cheek with white head, two big swollen ones on the jaw, and my chin looks like it has growths sticking out. ACCUTANE, WHY ARE YOU NOT WORKING YET??!!
  5. day 27 last night i put some aloe vera on my face and this morning i woke up my face was very soft. me like! 3 actives, skin relatively under control, at least it looks like it.... almost one month!!
  6. One line i highly recommend is Bioderma's hydrabio line. especially the toner and moisturizer, i can just feel my skin sucking up the moisture, it makes my skin soft and supple after i apply it. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
  7. Day 26 nothing to report, i currently have maybe one active and a bunch of scabs on my face... SCABS BE GONE! eyes not as dry anymore, i've been popping them fish oil + Vitamin E pills, i think staring at the computer screen all day as part of my job contributes to the dry eyes. been drinking alot more water to stay hydrated as well... it'll be one month soon... with accutane it's funny, every day is different, one day you have 1 active and the next you have like 10!
  8. You should always be taking Accutane with food. It is more effective that way. yes, my body reacted right away. couple hours after accutane with food my eyes got sooo dry
  9. day 25 today is ok. yesterday sucked. i had 5 cysts, they were growing on my face like unicorn horns and they hurt. there was white head and they just looked so conspicuous. i went home and popped them, them i put some 2% BHA on to help with the inflammation. this morning scabs formed around them and ofcourse that didnt look good. but my over all skin is more toned, despite the humongous zits spread across. eyes are dry, lips not so much... so far accutane seems to be doing it's thing, my hea
  10. Day 24 today i got more acnes, 4 actives, all huge, located on two sides of my temples symmetrically and couple on my jawlines. urgh. maybe cus i ate a ton of chocolate covered nuts and chips the other day... those always break me out... i wonder if after accutane does its thing, i'll still have to watch what i eat
  11. one of best posts ever! this inspired me to go on accutane... i look forward to the day i can leave house without a ton of makeup on!!
  12. day 22 wow, i finally see some improvements, i started taking accutane with food couple days ago, and then my eyes and lips got dryer and i got slight headaches. the other night i sorta woke up in a panic cus i felt headaches... and i was being super paranoid with the pressure in my head thing. headache subsided after a day or two , it was never intense or unbearable, just dull and nagging. today i woke up with my acnes shrunk, two cyst on my chin got smaller, and i only have two actives, usual
  13. day 19 each day is different. i still have actives, not dry... the other day i had alittle blood in the nose and i was so happy cus i feel like it's an indicator of the accutane effect kicking in. oh well that hasnt happened again since.\ it's only day 19 so ... patience is virtue.
  14. day 16 40mg/day been experiencing IB (alternating from one side of the face to the other) very strange. depressed and tired all the time. i take fishoil supplements so the face nose and lips are not too dry. constantly dehydrated though.