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    I have some intrests, but not much free time. I attend uni and am majoring in physical therapy. I take my studies pretty seriousally, I'm very competitive, and borderline OCD about my grades. Currently I work 2 jobs in order to pay for school and other bills.<br /><br />In my free time I enjoy reading, bodybuilding, watching sports (football, baseball, and boxing are my favorites), and other things normal people do.<br /><br />I live a fairly health lifestyle. I'm picky about what I eat, some people even call me a health food junkie. <br /><br />I have 2 cats and 2 dogs for pets, I have pics of the cats, but not the dogs yet. If you want to add me to your contact list on AIM or MSN go for it, add me as a friend here if you like. I'm very open, friendly, and easy going.

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  1. acne? I would kill to have your face, I get 20 times more acne scars that I have, if I had your eyes and your face, good luck.

  2. Low Fat diets are thought to lower testosterone output. Try dropping your fat intake to less than 15% of your daily intake and see what happens.
  3. Lets say that I am happy right now. Lets say I rate myself a 10/10 hapiness all the time. It couldn't get any better. That would mean that no matter what happens I could never be more happy than I am right now. That is just not logical, there is always a possibility for more happiness.
  4. IMO best chest exercises db bench presses incline and flat, db flies. Best exercises for the glutes rear squats, barbell lunges.
  5. I'd say on a happiness scale I am 7/10 most of the time. Does that make me happy?
  6. I agree with you necro, we should be able to use pics. It feels rather childish and, and like I watching a movie rated PG not to be able to use pics. However don't forget the point of this forum. The main purpose is for people with acne to get information, discuss their problems and their treatment for acne. I really don't think it's a concern users lose some of the entertainment value in the lounge by not being able to post pics. Even if it does contribute to the late boringness of the fo
  7. For males it's fairly simple, castration should take care of it. For females BC pills can help.
  8. Good point Necro. Everybody here wants to be clear, everybody also wants to be happy. Many people probably think that clearness = happiness. I bet that is not the case for the majority of people here. If and when some people clear up I bet there will be something else to make them not happy, or one more thing that they will need to acheive before they can be happy, or yet one more flaw they find with themself that makes happiness impossible. I think the problem lies with self acceptance. I
  9. It could be a fungal infection of some kind, it could also be atopic dermatitis, or some sort of allergy. Try paying attention to what your hands come into contant with daily.
  10. It sounds like you have some pretty crappy friends. I can tell from your post how much your friends upset you. I bet it's hard to give up on those friends when you don't have a lot of them too. Personally I'd rather not have any friends at all than friends that act like that. I'd write them off and not associate myself with them. Friends are supposed to be respectful to you, and care about you, that doesn't sound like the case. That's also too bad that your mom isn't understanding. It sou
  11. Sounds like you're pretty depressed.... I'm sorry. Your dad sounds like he can be pretty mean and cruel. It's hard to ignore some of the things your parents say to you, since most of us care for our parents, and care about how they feel about us. Try not to let his comments influence how you feel about yourself though.
  12. Don't lie about to her! It's understandable that you feel kinda pathetic over that. Well nothin you can do about that past. Put that behind ya and make a bold move. Ask her for her number yourself if you friend didn't already get it. You may have to flatter her in order to gain her respect back for not asking yourself to begin with. Say something perhaps like "Hey sorry about having (your friend's name) talk to you for me, but you're just so beautiful (or something like that) you intimidat