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  1. LivinLife87

    FUCK !!!!

    So I just went to the bathroom to wash my face for the night and as I was drying it I noticed my 2 scabs both still had puss in them. (I guess the heat from the warm water made the puss rise to the top of my skin) Anyway me being my stupid ass self squeezed the puss out of both of them. Now my scabs are back to square one and to top it all off im pretty positive that I didn't even get all the puss out -_______- I hope I actually make it to work tomorrow. And as for that date......I honestly feel
  2. LivinLife87

    Day 1

    Sup, maybe I should start by telling you a little about myself. I'm in my late teens and I'm a pretty handsome guy. Im pretty confident despite my acne. And I dont really have a problem hooking up with girls. Lifes pretty good except for you guessed it, my acne. I dont have severe acne just some pimples on my forehead or maybe on my face here and there. Tell you the truth most of my scarring is my own fault. I have no self control when it comes to popping/picking at pimples. It's so frustrati