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  1. I’m in Australia. I’ll go see a derm and see what I can do
  2. Hopefully. I would need to find a dermatologist that would be happy prescribing that
  3. I’m 26. I started breaking out when I 10 years old and now I’m 26 so that’s 16 years of bad skin. I’ve tried everything available. I’ve been on two rounds of Accutane and have been on Yasmin the past year but I’m still breaking out everywhere on my face and chest. I have heaps of blackheads on my nose and even get them on my arms. I am back on this site after I first joined 6 years ago to see if anyone can help me. I’ve tried vitamins, clean diets, all available skin products and everything i
  4. It seems everyone on here is just assuming they have some kind of allergy or intolerance to certain foods, who has actually gone to a doctor and been tested? I've been tested and have intolerance to dairy and yeast and am currently waiting for test results to see if I have celiac disease and a few other things. How do you know your acne caused by sugar isn't something more serious like insulin resistance and your gluten trigger breakout isn't celiac disease?
  5. Okay my test came back with high blood sugar.. I've made another post about this.
  6. Okay so I've had acne for 10 years, gets worse if I eat sugar so i try to eat Low GI which helps but hasn't cleared my skin. I've been feeling fatigued for the past few years and recently in the past 5 months I've been getting symptoms of diabetes, so I got a blood test after fasting, the doctor said my blood sugar was higher than normal but said it's not high enough to be diabetic. I have no idea why my blood sugar is high, I'm not overweight and I eat healthy. I'm eating strictly low GI for
  7. Well I'll post after I go see the doctor and get some tests to see if I have anything wrong. I wouldn't mind having my thyroid retested because the original doctor was no good. Everytime in the past I went to the doctor about something they didn't care because of my age. Now I'm 20 and I've suffered mild acne for 10 years maybe they will take me seriously. and my fatigue has gone on for more than 2 years now and I have anxiety as well. It's at the point where I sleep 12 hours, still am tired w
  8. My feet get really cold, even now my body is heaps hot but my feet are cold to touch. Never been on accutane or medication. I had my thyroid tested and it was fine, could be adrenal problems..
  9. Has anyone on here ever found that they had an illness or disease which was causing them to get acne? I'm going to the doctors tomorrow, I'm getting tests done because I think there's got to be something else wrong. I also suffer from extreme fatigue, head and body aches, and a load of other things.
  10. Hi I've got similar problems. For 10 years I've had bad skin, sugar seems to make my skin worse. I was tested for diabetes last year and it was negative even though I have some of the symptoms. I've heard that some of my symptoms can be related to disorders relating to the ovaries. (which affects the hormones and insulin leading to acne) I haven't been checked out though yet.. have you considered this? please let us know if you find out any more..
  11. I notice my skin gets worse if i eat sugar and white flour in food, I've tried a diet where I eliminate them and my skin really clears up after a few months. I'm going to try the diet again, does anyone else have these as their acne triggers and what do you recommended eating and not eating? Thanks
  12. Is acne a symptom for any health problems (non diet related) or diseases? I've tried altering my diet and still suffer from acne after 10 years and products don't help either.
  13. What should one eat/not eat to help clear their pores to prevent blackheads? if anyone has been successful with a diet that would be helpful, thanks