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  1. To be honest I think the best way to handle the situation is feel exactly how you feel by default. In my opinion (given as if I was the one reciting the speeches) I'd feel extremely embarrassed in the first few weeks, but then once I'd hit the worse I can feel (to the point where thinking about giving the speeches made me feel physically sick) I'd start to feel better and better. It could essentially help you find confidence - just have faith that you'll find it! I hope it all goes well!!
  2. I would go to it. Otherwise I'd be essentially pretending to be someone I'm not; someone that doesn't have acne. If that 1 date is going to develop into another date, and another and then another, the person your going on the date with has to accept you for who you are, acne included!
  3. I've learnt to never ever judge anyone. Before I had acne I would probably be more inclined to think negative thoughts about someone's appearance, but since having acne I've realised that it's not good to be so naive and think like that as I wouldn't want it done to me. I've also learnt not to take things so seriously. When I first had acne I would spend ages concerning myself that I didn't look amazing or how I envisioned I should, but now after having acne for two years I've learnt to stop mop
  4. Hello! I'm so glad your skin is improving!! I went on a strict diet a few months ago and saw a dramatic decrease with the spots I was getting - I was roughly 80% clear after a few weeks. My biggest problem was with cutting out sugary foods. Wheat and milk I was fine with cutting out, but because I was cutting out products I'd eaten my whole life I was so hungry all the time and of course that is where sugery cravings came in. I'll be following your blog, I hope it all goes ok
  5. This whole masturbation restriction regime is a nice idea - the thought that giving up masturbation will miraculously get rid of acne - but the the thing is I've not read one restriction log where anyone has managed to survive a whole month. That doesn't give a lot of people the chance to give up masturbation for life if they can not not masturbate for a few days.
  6. I would rather have a spotty neck than massive bumps all over my face. A spotty neck can be easily covered with a bit of foundation :/ Something I always say to myself is that I'd rather have severe acne on my chest or neck/across shoulders instead of face acne. That way you can cover it easily! I'm not sure if it would be comfortable, however, as it would probably rub against clothes?
  7. So they could come back because of the foods I've been eating? But then why have they healed in the first place?
  8. In the past few weeks I've noticed the amount of pimples on my face have randomly been declining and my acne has started to heal . My forehead has a few new pimples because we had extremely hot weather a few days ago and that humidity always seems to make my skin worse. Apart from that, I only have a few pimples on my chin - everything is improving. What I can't figure out is why. Why is my skin improving? I've had acne for two years now and all of a sudden the pimples are going and the PIH is
  9. Hey everyone, I'm not sure why but my acne has recently started to heal for no reason. What I mean is I'm getting fewer pimples - I currently have like 4 left over - and my post inflammatory hyperpigmentation marks are also fading. You would think I'd be really happy and excited, but I'm not as I just can't figure WHY!! I've not changed anything, or done anything differently, so my acne should not be any different, or perhaps should be getting worse - yet it's improving. I've been eating every
  10. I've always said I wouldn't mind having a selection of pimples instead of red marks. Personally, my pimples only last for a few days, where as the red marks can last months and months. So. Annoying.
  11. For anyone who has eliminated sugars from their diets, I was just wondering how you managed to keep your energy levels up long term? When I did an elimination diet last month my energy sank within a week to the point where I was exhausted just climbing the stairs. It was awful. I know for a fact that I knew that I literally wouldn't be able to physically handle going to college in September at that rate. The reason why I ask is because I want to get back onto a healthier diet, but at the same
  12. Improvements so far,, mainly due a change in attitude... When I stopped eating in accordance with the paleo diet I realized that it was only a matter of time before my skin deteriorated again. It was more of a fear than anything. I really didn't want my skin to get bad again. Because of this I knew that I had to start the holistic approach again, although I just couldn't. I did try, but I just couldn't stop eating cakes, chocolates and other junk foods. The cravings were still too overwhelming
  13. I know that pimples are caused by blocked pores, but I was just wondering how/why they eventually die/fade away a few days after you see them surface? Does the trapped sebum eventually leak out on to the skin surface or something??
  14. So then if everyone tried to remove all stresses from their life acne would just disappear? Has that ever worked for you?