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    animals, relaxing, food and wine, cooking with my boyfriend and being with him in general. love catching up with my mum as we now live away from each other, shopping and watching funny tv shows/movies :-)
  1. WOW thank you BogieJ, this post as finally solved my problem, never having acne before, now 23 and have been breaking out only on my cheeks for 6 months now, but.. 6 months ago my body went into shock, sudden bbruises all over me, couldnt sleep, very very itchy, all becuase my doctor had me taking minocyclin for so long to keep my mild acne at bay, after just over 12 months of this medication, my body went into complete shock and took me 3 months to get over it and no doctors could figure it out
  2. [b]I was wondering how to add pics up into my blog entries??
  3. really, but the packaging has whats in it, 20mg isotretinoin. could this this be fake. and it said it is fda approved.. I can keep in contact with the company, so if i was to get sick from these pills or whatnot, couldnt i sue the company for millions and potentially wreck their entire business..why would they risk all of this?
  4. Hi everyone I read alot of accutane blogs and I have decieded to start my own and inform everyone of how i progress thru my journey of accutane.. firstly i ordered from vdrugstore online, to australia, took about 2 weeks, but it all came, no problems there and look legit, nothing missing or out of the ordinary... My acne is moderate/severe, basically, i never leave the house without make up, I can tstand my boyfriend seeing me when i first wake up. I showeer then straight on with the m