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  1. artisimportant

    Week Two

    Second week on the regimen. Treating twice a day!
  2. Clearing up. Still experiencing some new whiteheads but have seen a DRASTIC improvement in blackheads. Mega mega improvement! I'm dry and red around my chin and nose but have found much relief from the jojoba and moisturizer. I would strongly recommend getting jojoba oil either from acne.org or from a local health food store. The stuff is amazing. My skin has never felt better.
  3. artisimportant

    Week One

    I received my products today. Before washing and treating my face I took some photos. Taken daily, these will represent the first week using the regimen.
  4. OK. Iv'e treated my skin now ten times with the regimen. I'm still optimistic about getting great results. Iv'e noticed that my skin is getting a bit smoother. Also, the new bumps that are forming never come to a head. They just go away without any embarrassing whiteheads or scabs. Iv'e been good about not picking, but will be honest. I touch my face way more than I ever realized. I wonder how much acne I'm thwarting by simply not introducing unnecessary oil and dirt to the skin on my face. Y
  5. I was having some technical difficulties yesterday and was unable to post. I'm sure you have been waiting with bated breath for another captivating blog entry. Yesterday I caught myself picking at my face. It was strange to realize that I was in another room standing in front of a mirror -- without knowing I had gotten up. Iv'e been suffering from acne since I was about 18. 18-30= 12 years. That's a long time to have skin trouble. I think picking was such a normal thing that it's become an
  6. My skin is dry around my chin and lips. The moisturizer feels great and at this point is my favorite step of the regimen. I'm adding in the jojoba oil and love the way the oil relieves the itching that BP can cause. The white heads that were developing yesterday and looked ready to pop but are only red bumps now. I resisted the urge to pick at my skin and willingly admit that it was very difficult. Instead of picking I stood in from of the mirror with my hands behind my back or in my pocket.
  7. Iv'e been here before. Not to this site, or this blank page awaiting my thoughts, but right here at the beginning of something exciting...the hope of clear skin. So, I started a picture gallery. Pictures mean more to me than words ever will. (I'm an artist!) I am not really one for blogging-- I'm setting aside my time, time away from the mirror picking at my skin, to type to you...whoever you are. Here's to sticking to it! Well, to the regimen at least.