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  1. To be honest, my initial break-out was quite mild. I'd say I had two break-outs in my first month, but I'm in my second month and the results are spectacular. Like you said, grin and bear it. It's well worth it.
  2. Skin clearing up rapidly, which is awesome! Dryness still a bummer, but completely dwarfed by the amazing results!
  3. Hello, I'm a 17 year-old male, too. I started Accutane three weeks ago. The initial break-out, for me, was tolerable. It varies from person to person, of course, but it is something you'll have to go through in order to get the results. And the results have been brilliant. After three weeks, my spots are rapidly disappearing. I have a little trouble down by the jawline on my right cheek, but since it used to be active all over my face and forehead, this is of little concern. Even then, my jawli
  4. I am a male. I've been on Accutane for three weeks, and I've noticed a marked improvement. After the initial breakout (which was bearable), my skin began to clear rapidly. I still have trouble down by my jawline (with those larger spots), but that is on its way to clearing up, too. As far as side-effects go, the worst is dry lips. They can become repulsive if you don't get on top of them with lip balm. I suggest wearing it at night, too, because when you wake up, it's not a pretty sight. Other
  5. Well, I'm having an IB. But at least it's not just another breakout of many. At least it's one of the last major ones I should have. So it's an optimistic one.
  6. how long have you been taking it One week. This initial breakout thing sucks. :doubt:
  7. Argh, getting flaky and more spots than usual. Here it comes! D:
  8. Hey, I just started Accutane five days ago. I haven't noticed any more spots than usual, although my lips and nose area is quite dry. I normally have very oily skin, so I think I've been weathering the dryness so far. I don't know when it will hit in full force, though... The spots that have appeared since starting seem to go away much quicker, though. I got one yesterday, and it's almost gone today. I've heard that the initial breakout sometimes appears in the second week, if not the first. S
  9. 1. Physically in what sense? Acne cannot make you physically unable to attend classes. It only impacts your mobility and sociability in an emotional sense. 2. "Appearing unapproachable" could mean many things. You can "appear unapproachable" because of how you look, or how you present yourself. In your case, I suspect both. 3. I guess I'm ignorant. 4. Ummm...? 5. Nor did I. We all have acne. That's why we're on this board. But some people fall into depression, such as you, whereas I hav
  10. Well, you might want to present yourself better, then. From what you've written, your intentions do seem rather erroneous. I understand that acne can make one feel bitter; we all have it. But this is a forum that caters to both sexes, and some of your comments have not been respectful in any sense of the word.
  11. From one bloke to another, you're not going to appeal to women with that attitude. People can be superficial, yes. But many people aren't. The most attractive people, to me, are the most accepting and the most confident. I mean, is a relationship really about women "begging to suck your dick"? If that's all you want, hire a prostitute. It'll only cost you a few quid, and it'll save some unfortunate woman the ordeal of spending time with you. Well, discounting the prostitute. And I'm 17, mate. T
  12. Oh, quit moaning. Sure, acne sucks. But you're the only person that can ruin your life. You dropped out of college; and perhaps it was your attitude, not your skin, that got you fired. I know people with horrible acne who still throw themselves into life. I don't buy the excuse that it's society impeding our sociability and success. I personally feel that there are worse, life-threatening diseases that should be given priority, not ones with mere cosmetic and emotional symptoms. If you want to
  13. Acne sucks. We all know it. I look in the mirror sometimes, and I think "Ew!". Don't we all? But this section is full of moping around; I'm going to give optimism a shot. When I first got acne, I didn't really care. But now that I'm heading off the University, I've decided to give Accutane a shot. On top of that, acne was beginning to really hurt my confidence. I found looking people in the eye difficult, and sometimes I just didn't want to go to school. That's no way to live! And I'm not going
  14. Either, or. I'm terribly uninformed on both subjects. I thought that Accutane was an oral antibiotic? I am also looking for ways to prevent pimples yet to come, and give my skin a chance to heal. If I could get something preventative going, I wouldn't feel the need for any antibiotics. Thus far, I've been using facial wipes with 0.5% Salicylic acid. I don't know how well they're been working. My acne seems to heal and break-out of its own accord.
  15. Hello, My acne has been calming down considerably in the last few months, but I keep getting break-outs, and it's making it difficult for my poor old skin to heal up. Although my break-outs are less severe, and my acne is less encompassing, I'm debating whether to go on medication and just cure it for good. My family doctor recommended, when my acne was more severe, either Accutane or another, less severe drug, whose name I've forgotten. I don't think my acne is severe enough to warrant Accut
  16. Hello, I suffered fairly severe acne for a year and a bit. It was concentrated on my forehead, and then recently moved down to my cheeks. Using an array of topical products, I've managed to rout it under the skin. My forehead is completely clear, and my cheeks are fairly clear, just red marks from under the skin down near my jaw-line. Every so often, I'll get a mild break-out on this cheek or another. Usually just 3-4 spots, sometimes a larger one. Oh, I believe it's cystic acne. They're usual