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  1. when you won't have sex with your boyfriend because of emberassing body acne. when you never go swimming because it would be weird to wear a big tshirt instead of a bikini, even though you have the perfect body. when you just don't give a fuck anymore. about anything/one.
  2. Thank you for saying I'm attractive. :/ Where do you get a sulfur bar?
  3. My body acne is not cystic (thankfully) but there's a LOT of clogged pores and little pimples and blackheads and such covering my whole upper body. It's hideous looking and I can't wear anything exposing my upper body... and I live in California... I know, it's messed up. Salicylic acid does not work for it and I will not use BP on my body for fear of bleaching my clothes... so what products do you recommend I try, that work? much appreciated, I really gotta get rid of this, it has me extremel
  4. What are your thoughts on doing a short (3 days max) water fast to cleanse the body and sort of reset everything in hopes of clearing up a few pimples? Have you done it? How did it work for you? Thank youuuuuuuuuu.
  5. Acne isn't my problem anymore. Yeah I have like 3 zits right now but I've pretty much got my skin under control. What DOES bother me are the red marks, which Salicylic Acid and any other exfoliating product does not help with, as red marks are blood vessels under the skin and exfoliating them does nothing. Exfoliating is used to get rid of brown spots from aging and sun spots. I'm not trying to shoot down your advice, I'm simply telling you your suggestion would not work for me but thanks anyway
  6. I disagree. Plenty of men wear cosmetics to cover up acne/marks. It's becoming more and more accepted in today's society. Anyways...irritation isn't my problem. It's the marks. My skin is not irritated. Yeah I've tried Salicylic Acid.. unfortunately it does nothing for REAL, PERSISTENT acne... for your kind of acne (i.e. a pimple and some clogged pores every once in a while) I'm sure it does wonders. But thanks anyway.
  7. What do I do? I've been severely depressed about this for months. Please help me. A few of them are actual zits, like the one by my eye and on my forehead and on my chin. But the rest are RED MARKS. Yeah. It's bad. My skin ruins my whole face... and my upper body (chest, shoulders, upper back).
  8. I'm asking because when I apply my 2% BHA acne lotion before bed, it doesn't tingle or burn or anything... but the next MORNING when I'm in the shower, I can feel it tingle/itch and then I know it's the BHA working. It seems odd to me though, that it would be time released. Can someone explain this? Much appreciated. :]
  9. Please stop wasting your time and money on exfoliants and acid peels to get rid of these suckers. They're not PIH, they're not scars! They're trapped blood...YOU CAN'T EXFOLIATE AWAY YOUR BLOOD. When the body senses an infection or 'wound', aka acne, it send excess blood to the area to help heal it and fight off the infection. And after the zit heals and there's still a red mark left, that's just the blood that has yet to drain out because our body doesn't know exactly when to drain it, because
  10. Are you still using niacin? I read your post and it's been about a month so was just curious

  11. acne does suck..hope ur beating it! :)

  12. Maybe I'll check the book out. :) I don't actually drink straight milk... I drink hemp milk... but I've been eating cheese pizza, pastries and cakes with dairy in it, that sort of thing.
  13. Dairy is the cause of all of my acne, but I cannot stay away from it. I have gone months without any dairy at all, that was when my skin was at it's best, but recently I just hit a wall and I've been having it on a daily basis. Why, I don't know. I have a few theories: if I didn't have acne, I would have to start focusing my time and energy into something else like figuring out what I want to do with my life because right now, I have absolutely NO clue, and maybe I'm scared of that. Maybe I'm us
  14. ... so your body has plenty of time to absorb them more efficiently before peeing them out, like you would during the day? Just wondering.