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  1. I am on Minocycline and Retin A Micro, and was given Klaron lotion 10% to use. I have never used Klaron b4. Can anyone shed some light on this antibacterial topical? Any experiences, please share. Thanks :wink:
  2. What are you cleansing with? Be careful not to overcleanse, or scrub while using retin a micro. If you overdry your face, you will indeed produce more oil, because your skin thinks it needs it. When I finally stopped the scrubbing, my so called oily skin condition actually became more balanced and somewhat dry. Go figure. I really don't think you are oily from the retin a micro. Have you thought about asking to increase the strength of it to the 1%? Just curious.
  3. If you like the purpose soap and it is working for you stick with it. I recently tried the Cetaphil in bar form(NOT the antibacterial...you don't need the deodorant for your face!) and thought it cleansed very nicely. I feel clean using it. I used Purpose for a long long time, and did like it as well. Both are good mild cleansers in my opinion.
  4. I'm on week 6 on Mino.....it is working. No new acne to speak of. Flair up in week 3, but good now. Make sure you drink plenty of water while taking it and good luck.
  5. Violeta, Did a search on neutrogena. Did not come up with the sunscreeen you are talking about(ultra Dry Touch?) If you mean Healthy Skin, I think that has Glycolic in it and should not be used in combo with retin A. The retin people (who make Neutrogena as well) suggest using their Healthy Defense sunscreen(not HealthySkin), which I didn't try personally.
  6. I'm using the 1%(there are only 2 strengths in the micro formulation), and that is the strongest. I was very dry for 2 weeks, had a small flair up at 3 weeks, and now into the 6th week, no new cysts and clear this week. I am still dry though, but not as bad. Good luck to you.
  7. I have tried the Cetaphil facial one with the spf and did think it was greasy after a while(a short while!). I have not tried the Eucerin Renewal, but I have used the gentle hydrating cleanser, and thought it was nice. I may have to look into that one. I am definitly clearer, but I am dryer!! kristiana, you might wanna try apply moisturizer to those dry patches very sparingly, and see if the situation improves any. Thanks to all. Any other derm choices out there, or personal favs for that m
  8. Mouse...do you like the plexion? dainese..do you like the clindamycin? Violeta. You are indeed right...sunscreen is so important. I just pretty much hate all of them that I have tried! My make up gets greasy a few hours later. I have tried via sample the PC non greasy one and did not like it too much. I'm still on the hunt for one that is effective but that I can deal with!!! BTW, how do you like the Spectro gel? I really need my cleanser to foam, especially at night for makeup removal
  9. Thanks fatman_uk for your input. I had heard that as well. And I have used the Cetaphil for oily skin and this it's a good product(except for the smell, personally). Does anyone else have any other info on Dove?
  10. With alot of us using very drying medications, I just wondered if we could post what our derm's recommendations were for moisturizers to see if there were any hands down choices that they all liked. Please post so we can compare notes. Thanks! Mine just said I could use anything that was oil-free, which was no help to me at all.
  11. My dermatologist recommened me to cleanse with Dove soap for sensitive skin, or Cetaphil for Oily Skin. Bar soaps have typically gotten bad press due to the tallow ingredient. Why would this MD recommend Dove soap, other than the fact that she has samples in her office? It sure does lather up nicely. What have been the experiences here on this board? Thanks!
  12. I have recently tried Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation. It is great at hiding red marks, and is really matte and especially long lasting and oil free. Requesting a sample is always helpful if you dont wanna splurge for the cash, its quite pricey, but foundation has gotta work for you so you "feel" great about your look, so it's worth it in my opinion.
  13. Has anyone seen this informercial for a new Acne regimen called Exact? The before and afters were quite impressive, however it sounds :?: like another Proactive miracle....a miracle that works, then stops working. Any first hand users of this? Please share your experiences.
  14. For 5 weeks I've been using Retin A micro at night combined with Minocycline 75 mgs. 2x a day. What are the Retin A micro users using topically during the day? Anything?