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  1. I finished my Accutane course a little over a month ago. My dermatologist told me I could wax again a month after finishing the course, but everything I read on the internet says 6 months. I'd really like to wax, but I obviously don't want to tear my skin off. How do you know whether it's safe to start waxing again? My skin seems to be otherwise returning to normal (ie it's not all scaly and rashes everywhere like it was when I was taking Accutane). Thanks!
  2. I tried this spermicide film (called Vaginal Contraceptive Film), but it made me start bleeding. It wasn't like period bleeding it was like bright red like when you get a cut and it went away the next day, so it was def the spermicide. I wanted to try the Today Sponge but I can't because I'm allergic to Sulfa. I'm on the NuvaRing so you can't use a diaphram / cervical cap, but if you're on a pill BC, both of those would be options if you don't want to use condoms.
  3. I'm pretty much at the same place as you. I'm on month 4 and was just bumped up to 60mg on the 4th month and I'm still breaking out too. Frustrating!! I hope it clears soon!
  4. I'm into my second week at 60mg. I really haven't noticed any changes, for the good or bad other than my skin is definitely thinner. Like my skin breaks so easily and I bruise so much. I still seem to be breaking out though....when should that stop?? I'm ready to have clear skin!!
  5. You should be more than fine. My derm told me I only had to wait 1 month, but I hear most people say 6 months. 14 is more than enough, I plan on probably only waiting like 3 once I finish.
  6. Wow, I haven't been on for a long time. I moved and started school so life has been very hectic. In any event, I am now in month 4, so hopefully a little over half way done! I had to switch derms since I moved out of state which was a bit of a pain because of everyone's favorite iPledge system, but it's now all worked out and I got my month 4 prescription from her. I was still breaking out (I actually broke out quite a bit these past few weeks but I'm guessing the moving / temporary change
  7. Good luck! Looking forward to hearing your progress!
  8. Thanks so much! Yah I hope so too! I was sooo stressed about starting it and I would literally alternate between panic attacks about accutane and panic attacks about having acne for the rest of my life. But I think I have to agree with what others said before that the idea of being on accutane is so much scarier than actually being on it. I'm sure you will also have the same experience and it will be worth it. Oh, and also for anyone who was wondering about hair removal, that picture was ta
  9. So, I'm almost done with month 2. I just got the blood work done yesterday and I see my derm on Monday. Nothing new to report in terms of side effects, but I definitely feel like things are improving. My face isn't clear, but I haven't been breaking out either, it's just been like all the old acne healing. And I just got my period, so normally I would be breaking out like crazy right about now. I actually feel happy in the mornings when I look in the mirror which is nice. I will put a pic
  10. The IB sucks but it doesn't last that long and a week or two of bad acne isn't so bad if you know that it's in exchange for CLEAR skin. I put off getting on accutane for so long because I was afraid of the side effects and would say ok I'm gonna do it, then I would read stuff and talk myself out of it. I'm now finishing up month 2 and I wish I had done it sooner! Sure, it's annoying being the chaptick-crack addict, but I would say the side effects are just that - annoying. But I will take 6 m
  11. Nothing really new to report, I feel like my lips have been a little dryer and I have been feeling some soreness in my back, but I went on a 5 mile run on Saturday with no problem so I really can't complain too much. I found one pic I took from before accutane. This really doesn't show how bad it was, it was actually taken at probably the "best" time as things were healing up before I start breaking out again, but it gives the idea and it's the only one I could find (I actually took a bunch
  12. I read it! Your log was starting right when I was making my final decision to go on accutane. :) Keep it up and congrats on getting to month 3. I'm a month behind you. Oh, and I thread! Unfortunately I am by nature a hairy girl (gosh acne AND hair!), and there's just no way I'm going 6+ months without hair removal. Threading is ok because it doesn't pull the skin, but you might be a little more red than normal so I would do it at the end of your workday when you can just go home after or so
  13. Let's see, I think I'm on about day 40-something. I'm into the second "box" of my second month. I was thinking that my skin was much worse, then I swear just over night I woke up and felt like I saw big improvements. I had broken out quite badly on my right cheek and chin and maybe it's just that that is starting to heal finally, but I feel like there is improvement, I just hope it lasts. I know my derm wants to bump me up again to 40 mg but I don't want to break out again. Do you break out
  14. In the morning I use Oil of Olay SPF15 (just the standard one that comes in the little bottle), then at night I use Night of Olay firming cream.
  15. I do think drinking all the water helps keeping your skin from getting too dry as well. It's annoying to have to pee all the time and always be thirsty, but drinking water is always good.