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    i like that it"s anti-bacterial ,.,.it doesn"t irritate skin ,.,it leaves skin very clean .,helps with acne =] none i been using this product for a few weeks now , it actually cured my skin from acne,i been suffering from acne a whole yr. and wasted money on products that just irritated my skin and made me break out more because my skin is so sensitive ,and this product worked for my skin ,.,.i"m also drinking green tea because acne is caused from toxins and green tea gets rid of toxins ,i also
  1. Anastasha

    helps the pimple to shrink.,.,good for big pimples it stings a bit i been using this for a few weeks and it does help,.,in three days it makes the pimple dry up and it gets so much smaller ,.,the down side is that when u first start putting it, it leaves it red ,.,.i mean u can cover it with makeup but its still kind off annoying ,.,either way its a great product =]