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  1. Oh, the agony and anguish of 15 minutes filling out a form. If I spend that much time performing an altruistic act, what's in it for me? That's 15 fewer minutes in life to contemplate which obscure RAR antagonist will sit on a shelf between the quercetin and rick simpson oil in my cabinet of failed treatments. https://www.surveys.mhra.gov.uk/5fa2caf33414eb1dd21958ad
  2. Hmm. @fchawk, do you have any idea why your topic was closed/locked/archived? It would be terrible if the mods here were going around locking topics where post-Accutane sexual dysfunction is discussed.
  3. @Calcified Maybe. There is no way to tell what effect it might have had on body hair growth since there is no test for the PAS/PFS mechanism in follicles. However, there have been several case reports of women developing hirsutism on Accutane. Growth of body hair really took off for me after Accutane, while I had very little/light hair prior to the crash. This was around 18.5 y/o, so it could simply be coincidence. .
  4. @hatetane is someone you may want to contact for support in dealing with your son being sexually damaged by Accutane.
  5. It's enlightening to see how so many fellow victims of Accutane put aside their babbling to rush to help. @Anna Nim , I've sent you a PM and can put you in contact with someone whose son is in a similar situation after taking Accutane. Please report this to the FDA! Keep close watch on your son's mental state at this point and be extra observant of any behavior indicative of suicidal ideation. The first weeks after symptoms develop is typically the worst for us, but many improve naturally d
  6. Because some people can take high doses for a long time without much trouble and some of us react very very badly, even to low doses. There is some genetic susceptibility or other confounding factor involved in Accutane causing severe and permanent side effects in only a small percentage. For example, two of the members here, @Crank92 and @mes6890 had very low cumulative dosages and were left with persistent sexual side effects. Crank took a trial dose of 20mg daily for a few weeks, and mes
  7. No, he's totally %100 serious about a %100 recovery by following the "Supaman" protocol. I went counter-clockwise and crashed again. My theory is that counter-clockwise rejuvenates the ambient homeopathic imprinting Accutane left in our bodies, creating a vitamin A pseudo-toxicity. Another 10 sessions of data-based healing with my quantum shaman, and I should be back to baseline. Peace out!
  8. You don't have The Cure! This cure will end up in the trash heap with the 10,000 other cures. Go do a coffee enema, a thousand liver flushes, eat a kilo of CBD oil, eat nothing but meat, eat nothing but veggies, do a 40-day water fast, and you will be cured. It's called the "throw everything at the wall and see if anything sticks" protocol. If that doesn't work, make a tin-foil pyramid hat and meditate in the corner; because, that will surely work. We don't need your new cure. There are enough a
  9. @Aaron76 you're out of this world if you think DNA from eating another animal is going to heal a human. Can you explain how this form of magic works? Can you also provide an alternative reason why you would post URLs with tracking links except to record clicks for an affiliate marketing program? Tracking links are a fairly clear-cut sign of a spammer. Since your only hope of being healthy depends on it, have you considered moving out into the country and raising your own
  10. @TrueJustice Notice the "utm" in the link above. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UTM_parameters @Aaron76 is a filthy spammer trying to take advantage of people damaged by Accutane. .
  11. @Aaron76 Overjoyed to see a hostile spammer who is too lazy to share his story about Accutane because it is too personal looking to add another failed treatment to the list.The magic is in the marketing. @guitarman01 You're right! This is the same guy hawking the menhaden fish oil last year: . . Please don't email his company. The last thing you would want is to help one of these bottom feeders profit further from an affilia
  12. Thanks for the response here and for alerting the propeciahelp staff of Aaron76's joining to spam post. No, a search of antiphospholipid there didn't turn up anything and I'm not familiar with any member getting tested for anything of the sorts. A search there for "antibody" or "antibodies" bring-up about a dozen threads where people posted various test results.
  13. @TrueJustice call me closed-minded, I refuse to believe someone who calls their self "doctor" and practices a known fraudulent and unscientific facet of medicine like applied kinesiology knows what they are doing and has good intentions. @Chris16 Very underwhelming response. Yes, it would be a shame if a new member came here and was told that RSO, diet changes, finasteride, or the other supposed cures from a handful of people will almost certainly be of no benefit to them. it's fun
  14. I'm not sure what you're talking about. Who on this forum with long-term side effects healed themselves? What symptoms did the Facebook folks cure with diet? This forum is full of people who tried for years to find a cure to no avail. The only long-term symptoms I've noticed being successfully managed with diet are gastrointestinal side effects. Because you keep handing them wads of cash. .
  15. @TrueJustice Could I ask what any of your previous post has to do with propeciahelp and what could be done to encourage PAS patients to join and participate there? Where did you report side effects and tell your story without a response? That is a good point about the RxISK prize money. It is supposed to go toward research after a certain time passes without a reproducible cure or treatment for post-post-drug sexual dysfunction being found. And the entire point of coming to