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  1. Okay guys, need some advice. I've been using BP and am on dianette and overall it has helped my skin but....there's this weird little spot that just won't go away. It's on my cheek, is pinkish coloured with no whitehead and doesn't hurt when I lightly press it (with clean hands obviously lol) The weird thing is, when I stick my tongue into my cheek you get what I mean) to puff out the skin, it goes white. Is it just a massive, giant whitehead? Any ideas and, how do I treat it?! Have ha
  2. I was just jen, you say you wash your face with honey. How long do you so that for and do you also use it as a mask?
  3. Litrally, rub in simple foaming wash, do it 2x.'s that;'s it
  4. Hmm/ Sounds yummy Basically, you know really that drinknig tea isn't going to completely cure you of acne but it will definately help. Why? 1. Tea is natural antioxidant 2/ tea is natural inflammatory That means. if you are gentle with your skin and drink 10x cups of tea a day-you're skin really should get better. what's this tea then? there's a shop in Edinburgh (scotland where I'm from that I'm gonna check out) loose tea !!!! and tea cups and pots soo pretty and japanese de
  5. Okay. Now I'm getting a better picture and I know from experience. Yes. You are using WAY too much product! You know as well as I do the evolutio of a spot. (what we call thwem in Scotland). This is without treatment 1.Tiny red mark. 2.Red mark gets bigger. 3 Red mark has pus in it. 4. Pus goes away. 5. red marks goes down. 6. Rede mark finally (annoying after a while dissapears). What you are experienceing (in my opinion) 1. red mark forms. you stress out 2. you aply BP. red mark rema
  6. I'd say. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! No one ever notices ear pimples and it's a very good exercise in seeing happens when you just leave your spots alone!
  7. Hey Y3. Thanks so much for the response. My current regime is this. bp twic a day plus lactic acid mouistouriser. Then tons and tons of Estell lauder Double wear non-acne-domic foundation to hide red marks. Maybe this is silly but I work in an office enviroment where I must look my best. Yes-thankfully for us-we get acne medication for free in Scotland. BUT- our derms are different than in the US. I waited 3 months to be seen then got 5 mins with a derm who laughed and said 'use BP'. What is
  8. I love green tea it's the best! But-like eveything, it's not going to magically get rid of spots overnight. I myself want to get more into tea(become a bit of tea fanatic as it were). Camomile is also supposed to be very good. One piece of advice though. Try to buy non-caffienated versions because if you start going mad for tea-if it;s caffientated it'll cause you stress peaks.Not good for skin! I suggest looking at the holistic boards and becoming a fan of tea! Also, great to use topically on
  9. Hello! First person to respond so please-do me the same favour and respond to my post? Okay. So-the one's on your chin. Firstly, I'll just say that the rest of your skin looks great-lovely even. Firstly, what products do you use? I have had the same experience and I'd say this. This is slightly inflammed skin from a spot that wants to form. If you use loads of products to try and get rid of it the dkin will continue to be inflammed. To me (and I'[m no massive expert so you don't have to take m
  10. Hi Daphne. I'm not sure how many products you're using but I would say this may be product related. If you use a lot of products for your skin i.e -cleanser,toner,moustiouser plus ohers your skin will not hold on to its natural oils and PH Balance. This all being said however-you shouldn't stop using a product that keeps your acne at bay just because it makes your face red during exercise. Let me explain. People who suffer from acne almost always over evalutate their skin. So-the minute your fa
  11. Okay. I'm sorry. No pics but I will try and explain Forehead-block pores no red marks or spots Chin-clear but two red marks Right Cheek-tiny red marks lots of blocked pores Left cheef-a mess. Six very inflamed spots Please help. What the hell should I do? Could eating raw food help? Juicing etc?! the pic is me with makeup on p/s I have used BP for 3 months-no improvement. Actually it's got worse. I would like someone to give me a regime and i will follow it!!
  12. I live in Scotland and I would say that around 1 in 20 people probably have some form of acne. Although it's mostly light-moderate. How many others in UK would agree? I think it would be easy to blame our eating habits because people still presume all we eat is haggis,sausages and potatoes but that's not true at all. Honestly, I'd say it was our drinking culture AND most importantly, not enough sunlight. We only get vitamin D 20 days out of the year!
  13. Dianette has worked really well for me. I know a lot of peeps here will say that it caused them to put on a load of weight and have emotional problems etc but for me...that hasn't happened at all. I still breakout occasionally true....but not on my chin at all anymore! Which used to be my bombsite! Every BC is different for everyone 9for example cileste cleared me up but made me go mental). I would recommend dianette though
  14. Hi guys, Got a question for you. I've been on the DKR for 6 weeks now with some good results but I've still got these stubborn red marks spot-like things that won't go away! They have no head(no pus) and are pinkish coloured so I don't know if I would classify them as a papule. They are also pretty soft and slightly raised and don't hurt when I touch them. They are all on my cheeks and I have about 6 of them. Once these are gone, I will be 95% clear! What could they be and how sh
  15. Hi Guys. Just a quick question. I've been using DKR for around a month now and am pretty happy with the results I've seen so far. There's just two things which are slightly concerning me. Firstly, although when I was my face at night my skin colour looks pretty normal, the minute I put on more BP at night, my face STILL goes bright red! Is this normal after a month? Secondly, I notice that when applying BP every single mark from previous acne can be seen far more obviously. How long will this