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  1. Hi. I'm a 14 year old girl and I'm currently on accutane for my acne, and I think accutane would be a good choice for your son. I know two other kids in my grade who are on accutane, and it's honestly been working great for us. I know many parents are resistant to put their children on accutane, and I could see why, but please, it's worth. There is a less than 1% chance of having severe side effects. Since the acne that you think your son is facing is scarring and long-term, please, accutane is
  2. Oh and just to clarify, I am no longer hurting myself (mostly). Today marks 99 days without cutting! yayyy! and I get the acne can kill your confidence but at the same time there are so many more important things.
  3. guys. guys. so i started this thread a whillleeee ago. and oh my gosh. I was so foolish. So there I was, complaining about my acne, like it was the biggest deal in the world. Guys. It's not. Since I posted that thread I've gone through some major, major issues. Issues like self-harm. Issues like suicide. Looking back on this post, it's all just ridiculous. I was worrying my ass off over a few spots when I should had been enjoying my last month without being addicted to hurting myself. Jesus.
  4. ... when you pick some dry skin off a pimple and it starts bleeding and your teacher asks what happened to your face... i like died inside when that happened hahaha or ...when all of your friends are swimming and you have to keep your face above the water so your makeup wont wash off and everyone keeps asking why you wont swim
  5. I take at least 30 minutes to do my face makeup when my skins being a little hard to deal with. when it's being impossible to deal with... well... those are the days I fake being sick and go back to bed. And the worst part is knowing that I spent 45 minutes getting my face ready this morning, and my friends are still prettier than me, even when they're wearing absolutely no makeup and just rolled out of bed. I hate knowing that with all the work I put into my face every morning, I'm still
  6. i'm just fed up with my acne, to be honest. I've been begging my mom and my derm to let me go on accutane, but they won't because, as of right now, my acne's pretty mild. BUT IT'S STILL THERE. and it won't budge. AND NOW IM TAKING 5 PILLS A DAY FOR IT. that's 35 pills a week. 1,825 pills a year. 4 antiobiotics, an 1 birth control pill each and every day. no thank you.
  7. I suppose the only reason for me to have acne is that it has made me a better person. I don't judge on appearences so much anymore, I'm more aware of how my faults make me feel, so I take special care to never make anyone feel self- conscious of their flaws. But I've learned my lesson, can't I just be clear now? I'm tired of feeling ugly.
  8. Everyday, my friends wake up, wash their faces with their CVS facewash that smells like fruit, brush their teeth, eat breakfast, put on some clothes, style their hair in a fun way, blink on some mascara, trace on some eyeliner, and go to school. Everyday, I wake up, wash my face with my perscription face wash and clarisonic, brush my teeth, rub in my derm perscribed acid, rub in some mouisturizer, stand in front of a fan to help with the burning, put on my clothes, mix up my foundation (half
  9. 3 things I don't like - my acne -my thighs -my ability to attract bad things (seriously, imma sh*tt magnet ) 3 things I like -my hair -my eyes/eyelashes -my personality
  10. hey im in the grade below you so i understand what your going through. you need to see a derm! honestly, the only thing thats ever helped my skin has been seeing a derm, and I really, really think you should beg your mom to take you, no matter how uncomfortable asking makes you feel! But try not to worry bout your skin too much, some of the prettiest girls i know have acne
  11. I'm not sure if anyones mentioned this or not because honestly I only read the first two pages of this thread, but wouldn't removing Sebaceous Glands cause major dryness? Think about it, peoples lip's don't have Sebaceous Glands, peoples lips are generaly the only part about them that gets very dry and chapped. So by removing one's Sebaceous Glands, wouldn't we be settiing one up to get "Chapped Face" or something?
  12. I know everyone says picking is bad and all, but I pick every single pimple I get, and to be honest, I think it's helpful. Literally, a couple times a day I'll crouch on my skin in front of my bathroom mirror (the sink-crouching helps me get closer to the mirror lol), and squeeze the junk out of evert blackhead, and pimple I have. Gosh, when typed out that sounds really un-healthy, but I swear it's not a huge deal to me at the time, it's just casual. Not as if I sit at home all day and do it, it
  13. I look at it this way, a cute guy is cute w/ acne or without it, an ugly guy is ugly w/ acne or without it. And since I don't ever stare at ugly people, i think that girls looking at you because your cute
  14. I'm so angry. I'm so angry at my skin. I can't handle this anymore. I'm sitting here crying over my skin, and then goin "shitt", I can't cry, my foundation will come off. How messed up is that? It took me so friggin long to get clear. And it was hell getting there. Then finally, finally I was clear. I could finally look at mysefl in the mirror. Stop tilting computer screens so that they wouldn't catch my reflection. But then I went off my pills, my minocyclin. AND NOW I'M BACK WHERE I FR
  15. heyheyheyyy! So... it's been a while. Anyways, my skins been being a biottchhh recently, but that's beacause the weathers been SUPER random (hello new england! ), and guess what i discoverd? MY SKIN GETS SOOOOO DRY. I've been using a lot of clay masks, and my skin has been basically falling off. The cold weather also is making my skin get uber dry. What I've learned from this however, is thta coconut oil is AWESOME. When I could feel my dry skin tearing with every facial movement, I decided