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  1. Just got another email "You are receiving this email because you are following tracy521." I haven't followed this user!!!
  2. I have posted thousands of topics and replied to thousands on this board. The new system is sending me emails every time someone posts, replies, likes, or whatever on anything that I've ever participated in. I've "unfollowed" numerous things but I cannot unfollow everything I've ever participated in!!!! Please give us a way to not have acne.org email me EVER. I don't want ANY emails. I want to click ONE link to unsubscribe from ALL EMAILS. Right now my solution is to mark all acne.org emails a
  3. Are you sure that it's acne? Rosacea bumps can look a lot like acne but is caused by weak blood vessels. Unlike common acne, which results from clogged pores, rosacea is caused by weak blood vessels just below the surface of the skin. When these blood vessels leak, the skin turns red. Larger leaks cause small, pimple-like red spots to break out on the face, and scar tissue can cause lumps and bumps to form under the skin. I have had both types of bumps most of my life. Even dermatologists hav
  4. Thank you so much, Green Gables! I appreciate your reply. I thoroughly read your posts about spironolactone before deciding to try it. I'm glad to know that peels are the right direction to take (retinoids scare me, should they?) and I have been taking a vitamin A supplement for the past month or so to try and help with oil. What dosage do you recommend? Retinoids never worked for me. They increase the rate of cellular turnover in the deeper layers of the skin, but since I get deb
  5. Spiro was wonderful for my active acne but it obviously can't force clogs out of your pores or even prevent blackheads. For existing clogged pores I do some pretty aggressive at-home exfoliation and dissolving. Gentler methods have not helped. Daily, at night 1. A full 2 minute manual exfoliation with tree hut shea sugar scrub. 2. 2 minute oil cleansing with botanical beauty grapeseed oil (need that linoleic acid!). For me this means massaging in for 2 minutes, rinsing all the way
  6. Thank you greengables for this! I really appreciate it. I remember reading your spiro post before I even went on it. I've been off spiro for almost 3 weeks and my skin is more hydrated (water) than it was on spiro but the firmness and volume of my face is still not improved, I think it's inflammation/ androgens that were the reason why my skin had been so thick before spiro and now that the androgens are gone my skin seems thinner and more flimsy. The fact that my sex drive is gone too makes me
  7. My theory with spiro and skin changes is two-fold Factor 1 Remember that there is oil retention and water retention. You can have oily skin that is also dry--it is oily but does not hold water. Take away the oil and your skin looks worse because you can see the dryness. I have noticed this with my skin...anytime I remove oil by any method, my skin cannot hold a normal amount of water. I look older and saggier. A little bit of oil makes you appear youthful. Oily skin doesn't have to
  8. Yasmin/Yaz does work for a lot of women. It only has 25mg ish of spironolactone but the rest of the pill can balance your hormones out. My attitude with birth control risks is that it's not about the specific pill, it's about your genes. Women who get blood clots from birth control tend to have hereditary problems which makes them prone to blood clots no matter what birth control they use. There is nothing specific about Yasmin that causes more risks—adding progesterone and estrogen synthetic
  9. Anorexia (and severe stress) greatly alters your hormonal balance, sometimes permanently. There have been studies on how messed up a woman's hormones can get after anorexia. It is especially bad later in life. Anorexia in the teenage years sometimes doesn't affect girls as much because the body is already on a hormonal path from puberty to adulthood. Once you are an adult, your body is at a hormonal setpoint until menopause. The signals no longer exist to bounce back if you change that setpoint
  10. That's interesting. What brand of SOD enzymes do you use? I see that SOD had a moment in the spotlight in 2006 but not a lot of research since. I hadn't heard of it.
  11. At some point (it was probably a long time ago, my activity dropped off) posts changed from nicely formatted to having a LOT of space in between line and paragraphs. For example, my old looks normal and how I see it in the post editor...single space with a normal amount of space between paragraphs. Now anything I post is almost double spaced with an obscene amount of space between paragraphs. It makes it REALLY difficult to read and makes long posts really long. (Especially on a mobile
  12. First off, why is the formatting so terrible on posts now? Everything is double spaced out and really hard to read. So I know that my posts on spironolactone and hormonal acne have been read and re-read, and I have received countless messages thanking me for posting my homegrown research. But I am going off spiro and trying a new approach. Spironolactone has worked wonderfully for my skin for the last few years, but there are several reasons I am stopping: 1) Unfortunately my doc
  13. Your results from the first treatment may have largely been superficial. Your thinking may actually be backward, the deeper treatments peel less than less aggressive treatments. Scars always look a little filled in after a chemical peel, for example, especially when you peel. Give it enough time and you will be back where you started. Does your doctor say peeling is the key? If you're trusting this guy/gal to blast your face then their opinion on the matter might be worth something.
  14. From what I understand, the copper IUD makes periods heavier because of the effect in the uterus. It can't be replicated by a copper supplement. I found that it made everything heavier for about a year and then it went back to almost as light as my pre-IUD state. So the body seems to adjust positively. I prefer the copper IUD because ALL of the other IUDs use hormones for birth control. When you have acne that's one more thing to deal with.