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  1. Hello, I have been using a paste of - Turmeric powder (a pinch) - Cinammon powder (a pinch) - a little bit of plain yougurt I mix it all together and it makes a nice thick paste which is easy to apply and the turmeric doesn't flake off the skin so easily (as it does when only water is used so a tiny amount of plain yogurt is great). I have started using it for a 4 days now and I SWEAR by it!! . Sometimes i add a little of Manuka Honey to the mix as well Not only it has made my pores
  2. Atanernativista, I will certianly look into CAFO grain fed animals ! and for the past days i been eating eggs too so *touch wood* lets see what happens. No i havent completely eliminated meat i juz naturally dont eat it too much anyways (not that im vegetarian or anything) Cheers
  3. Yes Its very clear now that Dairy is playing a huge amount of affect on pimples and future pimples Ill try to upto date Also for my teas I am going for powdered milk which i assume are not dairy (hehe) so lets see what happend in the next two weeks or so....Also i have eliminated beef and pork frm my diet and only have occasionally (if any) sometimes Ok Good luck to everyone out there Cheers
  4. Well I had a few pieces of cheese the other day and I broke out with 3-4 zits on my cheeks....ewwww! Ughhh i am sick of getting acne ! It never seems to leave me alone...juz when things were getting better
  5. no, meat is not dairy, HOWEVER, if you are eating conventional farmed meats you may still be prone to hormone related problems from steroids and other nasty animal products that comes from them. stick to grass fed free range meat and wild caught fish, not farmed and caged sick animals. if you are looking to detox your body look into an alkaline diet and lay off the meat for a little while to help in the detox process. I guess ill prolly lay off the meat (espacially red meat) for sometime ...p
  6. Eggs are a form of dairy unless i can afford organic farm eggs i am not eating those hormonally pumped chickens eggs because for 2 weeks i ddnt have any and the results are pretty good i must say! Oh i am so sorry to hear that the non dairy diet actually made ur acne worse...hmmm *touch wood* my no egg and cheese and milk diet (except for a dollop of milk i use in my teas) is paying off the 2 weeks i have been practicing.. N yes ur quite right everyone's different u should try green smoothies
  7. wow ! ok i did not know about the WAi or Paleo diet....ill definately look it up Becuae i like how my skin is after cutting out the eggs, milk and cheese for sure....do you think meat is good or can worsen acne? Thank you
  8. yes fresh aloe can be too concentrated for the topical use on face....you shold test it by applying a little dot on the chin first
  9. Hey one question for you guys...do you think meat is dairy too....lol i kinda sound silly now asking this coz i cut out on dairy in terms of milk, eggs and cheese and not on meat...so should i cut down on meats too (not that i eat it too much) Thanks
  10. Hello guys, I have cut down a lot on my caffiene and eggs and cheese in my diet. The only dairy product I use probably is peanut butter (sorry I juz looove peanut butter and jam on my toast hehe). So i have to say that the number of break outs has decreased to about 50 or 60 %! I was reading up a lot online how dairy products can worsen acne because of all the hormones and the kinds of fat it has. So for two weeks i have cut down on my consumption of milk, eggs and cheese...and I am already li
  11. sent you another question.

  12. thanx ya after a month there was a big difference and I am so glad i didnt ditch it as I stopped using Differin after a month cuz it was making my scars WORSE and my acne redder o.O but i persisted with Minocycline hope it works for u too Cheers
  13. heyaaa..juz popping to say hello..u look cute :)

  14. Ok I dun wanna blow my own horn but really this has got to be the only acne antibiotics that has worked for me (I have used Differin but its just bu&lsh*t!) So i been using it for the past 2 months and all my acne has gone...zero...zilch juz not there anymore But ive has a few Microdermabrasions too and it really did help! My pores got smaller, the acne acarring condtion improved a lot anyone else who've had success with Minocycline
  15. this is the Even Blend Serum (the above was the Vit C 100% )