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  1. Has anyone looked into a procedure called fraxel? I've been reading up on it and may try it after my accutane. It is a laser treatment that can improve pigmentation scaring and indentations in the skin. Although I'm quite amazed at how much my face has already improved after only a month and a half. It seems to me my skin heals very fast now and the scares have lightened. I tuely never expected that, I just thought it would clear up my acne for good. I started with 30mg for the first month and n
  2. I did exfoiliate and it made a big difference! My skin does not feel as tight. The moisturizer seems to work a little now. My skin complextion is so much more even, I'm seeing good results so far.
  3. Thanks everyone I will try these ideas. I will try exfoliating...that sounds like a good idea, then I'll try the vitimin E oil.
  4. Im 40 yrs old. This is my first time on accutane. Ive been on it for a month and a half now. I m having the usual side effects, dry nose, dry eyes, joint stiffness but worse then all is the dry skin! I ve been out doing my gardening and using 70 spf sunscreen and its like it never worked at all. My face looks like a beet! My face is very dry and tight. Does any one have any suggestions! It seems like all the moisturizers I use, can't get through my leather like skin.....HELP!!!