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  1. Again, sorry for the huge delays in replying guys and gals. Roller, you live in Southern California...I live in rainy Britain...trust me, this Medik8 doesn't make up for that lol Thanks for the link though, I'll look into their stamps!....having had a quick look at the site, it's a little un-clear on how to actually buy one of the buggers, hmmm. Anyway, as for putting up with the pain; it's a funny one, it is painful but after a few minutes you're used to it. In my mind I think 'well, it must
  2. Well guys and gals, figured it was time to update this. I've used the roller a couple of times and come to the conclusion that a stamp would be a better idea. Also, I've been using bio-oil after rolling and again, I think that's a bit of a dead end so I'm really trying to decide what else will be most affective. Copper peptide info just confuses me at the moment as there's almost too much information about.
  3. Good thread I've been browsing this section and to be honest, it brings you down! I suppose this is part of the reason I've put off joining this forum for soo long; it forces you to think about it more than you normally would. I used to be really down about my skin but that's not for here! These days, on the whole I'm fine There's a lot to be said about confidence and having fun! That's what people notice first in my opinion, then if they notice your skin has some scars etc (which they will, l
  4. Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it I've ordered a roller which I'll try first but it's no great shakes to get a stamp too, I totally understand what you're saying about the angle the needles go in/out at, obvious when you think about it. No pain no gain, so that's not a problem. The next little thing I'd love someone to confirm is about copper peptides, I'll try searching again but there is a lot of conflicting info.
  5. I'd be interested to keep an eye on this thread as you seem to be in the same position as me with regards to a lot of things: age, history etc (although I'll admit you've been more pro-active than I have). I'm not sure about you but I've found a lot of thread here are more geared towards to members in the states, what to buy, where from etc which doesn't apply over here in the UK. *That's not a 'dig' at this forum by any means! just stating what I'd noticed thus far* Hinbe25, thanks for the use
  6. OK this is information over load lol I've been looking on Amazon and Ebay at rollers and the prices (and I would assume quality) varies wildly. Same goes for copper peptides. Again, a lot of the threads about these topics are a little dated and unspecific. Any more help would be much appreciated guys and gals.
  7. Thanks guys I'll look into your suggestions when I have the time (hence the short replies) I really want to understand things before I go and randomly buy things, plus I want to give myself the best chance. So is there a particular brand of roller that's reccomended?
  8. OK guys, I really do apologise if this is the same old repeat but I have read a lot of threads and wanted to get everything in one place. I've noticed most of the threads seem to be US based and therefore not as relevant for UK members like myself; with regards to where to buy things, what's available over the counter etc etc So, I had acne (isn't it weird how it's still hard to write that word?) but I don't suffer from it anymore. I do however have the scars which I want to do something about,