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  1. I'll have to check his gallery out. Maybe we can pay each other to be body doubles on "bad" days. Pendorf? Sounds Lord of the Ringish to me.
  2. Yeah, me too. It's funny to think how different I was before this crap happened. I guess that's all in the past and you move on. Have you been to a derm or using Dan's regimen?
  3. Thank you Melchoir. I guess acne turns most of us into pensive, philosophers How long have you been dealing with this plague?
  4. Hey Shajker, you can find me on instant messenger under SleepFreak46 if you ever want to talk about it.
  5. I think that psychological effect of drawing back whether it be physically or emotionally is the worst part of acne. Once you withdraw, we seem to create this environment of everything is awful and we aren't worthy of being touched or shown interest in.
  6. I kinda react psycho too when someone tries to touch my face. It's sad that I kind of pull back even when my mother gives me a kiss on the cheek or sarcastic face slap for being a wise-ass.
  7. I agree AdultAcne about the good rub down. I like shaving and how my face feels afterwards. It's just that I have this mental thing that keeps me from being able to just shower, shave, pat my face dry and then go somewhere. It's like I think I will break out if I don't just let my skin settle for a bit. It's unnerving.
  8. Melchoir it is funny you should mention that. I am constantly using the back of my hand LOL. I would never think of using my fingers. I laugh at what it must look like to people when I am using the back.
  9. Anyone find themselves babying themselves with the most minimal of tasks? I mean, I'm a guy but I'm constantly leaving enough time after shaving to let me skin calm down and then constantly making sure to wipe my mouth after eating to make sure I don't get those annoying lip zits. Anyone else constantly doing these things?
  10. The fact that she is "already involved with another guy" this quickly means that she was probably with this guy while you and her were together. I don't mean physically necessarily, but just that she was already into him. That in itself tells a lot about someone. If you don't have the common decency to break up with someone until you know for sure you can have something with someone else, you're scum of the earth material. If you know you don't have feelings for someone, then you let the oth
  11. I know exactly what you mean pendorf. That whole freezing thing. You think automatically that everyone thinks of you as soon as someone even mentions acne. Even if they are not speaking about you. I tend to freeze up and get overly nervous in situations in which I am the center of attention. I think this characteristic ( which is pretty much entirely attributed to my skin ) has led me to live a rather "secure" lifestyle. I mean that I have a mediocre job, live at home, rarely talk to more
  12. Thanks for the replies ladies. I'm not much bothered by it really anymore as far as what others are thinking. I just wondered how many people dealt with it that way. I think what happens after suffering from acne for such a long time is that we aren't happy unless we are absolutely flawless. I mean, would we even know it if we had what other people considered "clear skin"? Some of us could have one zit and still "suffer" from it. I think this is the most harmful effect of long-term acne.
  13. I was just wondering how many people use the "bring it up before anyone else does" method with their acne when with others. It always seems to be suggested that one make fun of themselves first so as to not have to go through awkward silences or just bogus conversations when all anyone is doing is looking at your face. Also a sidebar, what is everyone currently using for body acne if anything?
  14. The best thing to do in situations like that is to do your best to hold in your anger and be the bigger person. Agree with their "cures" and end the conversation as quickly as possible. They, most likely, have no idea of what hell you ( and the rest of us ) go through every day dealing with this plague. They just like to think that they helped someone without realizing that they made you feel worse. Unless you think it is done intentionally to make fun of you, I would say you did the right t