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  1. Hello all. I've been on here quite a while, but just recently acquired a new 6.1 MP digital camera and decided to share some pics to see if anyone is in the same boat as I am and can offer some advice. Let me first say, though, that SA and my skin do not get along so if that is what helped you, thanks anyway. Appreciate any comments you might have. Thanks.
  2. This has probably been brought up already but I was wondering if anyone has had success treating their bacne with aloe vera gel? I know a lot of people use it on their faces, but I haven't heard much about body use. So any one out there use this method?
  3. I'm telling ya's the disposable seat covers work very very well. I just purchased 2 packs (250 each) from a local janitorial supply company for 8$. They save me at work everday when I get extremely slick. Just push against your skin and the paper will stick and peel off. Check out the oil left behind on the sheet when you're done.
  4. Wow. Thanks Revolution. Judith Light always puts things in perspective for me (with or without Tony Danza).
  5. Back in high school (when I started using makeup) a friend of mine must have noticed that my skin had a slightly orange tint to it. He then proceeded to ask me (in front of other people) if I was wearing makeup. I obviously protested. He then asked me to wipe the sleeve of my shirt on my cheek to show him I wasn't. I tried to lightly but it came off and I was there looking like an ass. I just can't rationalize how someone who spots something like this has to make a thing out of it. Obvious
  6. I used to suffer from something like what you're describing a long time ago. I wasn't on this regimen at the time. They were reddened areas under which you could visibly see what looked like the beginnings of a whitehead. I don't know exactly where yours are located but a doctor told me mine were most likely fever blisters. Unfortunately, it seems they only passed with time (a few weeks).
  7. I would say winter dries my face out more and leads to more breakouts. Yet, hot humid weather leads to a constant layer of oil on my face. Thanks to someone's suggestion on these boards though, I've been able to thwart the oil with the help of disposable toilet seat covers. Them suckers take the oil off pretty well.
  8. I was just wondering how many of you have tried the "cover it up with a bandaid" approach. I was getting a pretty good laugh out of how many times I've done it over the last 10 years or so. I mean I guess it depends on how large the spot is, but I was ridiculous. I would have full length bandaids covering my cheek or elsewhere on my face and make up a whole crapload of excuses as to why I had them on. I actually think I remember telling my friends I was involved in a minor motor vehicle acci
  9. Hey MsPiggleWiggle, Sorry to hear what you're going through. I've kinda got the same thing going on, but rather on my chest and back. I was clear up until about 2 months ago and then BAM! All over. I didn't change anything in my routine or diet. It seems sometimes it (acne) doesn't need a reason. I was wondering what soap you use to wash your face with? My derm also told me that exfoliation and moisturizing are not necessary and to avoid them both. I guess what they try to do is
  10. My derm just prescribed me brevoxyl gel for my face & back. I am a bit confused though seeing as he told me that my face was looking great due to my use of Benzaclin (which he prescribed over a year ago). About 2 minutes after he tells me how great my face skin is looking, he says I'm going to put you on Brevoxyl for your back AND face. I'm a bit skeptical about changing what I'm using on my face since I'm seeing good results with Benzaclin. Why change it now if, even in his own opinion,
  11. Thanks for the replies guys and girls. I was wondering if somehow the negative way we interpret ourselves because of acne comes across in how we are seen by others. I've been told I look intimidating, yet I have absolutely no idea where that would come from. I suspect maybe I am not walking around all the time with a smile on my face and that comes across , incorrectly, as my being very serious or mad. Doesn't matter really. I keep saying hi and they can do what they want.
  12. Anyone "ice" their face? I mean putting some ice cubes in a sandwich baggie and just running it over their face? The weather here just got hot & humid as hell and was wondering if anyone saw this as effective to keeping the skin clear? I read a while ago that it was a good idea do this before applying any topicals. I know it feels good, but is there any benefit is my ? Thanks.
  13. Age: 26 Sex: Male School/College: Graduated from College Acne status: mild nowadays, but some scarring Favorite thing about yourself: Ability to be a Loner What would you change about yourself (other than acne): Constant Fatigue Favorite movie: Glory Favorite book: I Am Legend What would you most like to be (job frame of mind etc): Worry-free Good Samaritan Sports, other interests: Baseball, running, computers, music Compare yourself to an animal: Cat
  14. I'm your standard run of the mill data-entry blah blah blah.... I did very well in high school and then started to decline a bit in college and most of it was due to this disease. I just began looking in the mirror and seeing a 16 year old high school sophomore with acne every time I looked in the mirror even when I was in my early 20s. It's hard to feel like an adult and compete in the job search when you honestly look at yourself as some spotted face teenager. Hey, what's going on Nick?
  15. I appreciate the advice Polar. It's not that I don't like smiling and greeting others. I've just gotten used to that response from others and it was beginning to make me wonder if people are generally greeting-less in other parts as well. Seems cool that you get a rush from it. I can understand. I get a sort of rush from helping out a total stranger even more so than helping someone I know very well. Maybe it's the possibility that we are all connected by some desire to help each other out
  16. Thanks for the reply Tiramisu. I agree that most people don't do the whole "greeting" thing anymore. I guess I just get angry at that sometimes. Who knows ... maybe my fly was open.
  17. Oasis - Cigarettes & Alcohol Green Day - Macy's Day Parade John Williams - Any of his work (Superman tends to make me feel better) Billy Joel - Miami 2017 The Who - Substitute Bob Dylan - Things Have Changed Tom Petty - Anything he's made the Wallflowers (Favorite Band) - Nearly Beloved
  18. I tend to go on walks around my local lake and have been noticing a disturbing trend. Quite a bit of people are always up there and it seems as if I can hear people behind me and in front of me nodding their heads and greeting each other, but when these people pass by me and I give them a, "hi, how are you?" I get nothing but a stare and a slight head nod. It's not paranoia because it's been going on for a while now. It really is THAT obvious that these chatterboxes with other people can't mu
  19. I appreciate all the info guys and girls. Thanks a lot. I guess, like everything else dealing with this plague, it's just a hit & miss thing. Thanks for replying.
  20. I know this topic has probably been beaten to death, but I was wondering what people use as far as cleaning the face. Warm? Hot? Cold? Cool? Thanks in advance for whatever tips you can give.
  21. Glad to have you back Nick. It looks like things are working out for you. I'm glad you took a chance it. The pics look great and you look very happy with your beautiful girl. Couldn't be happier for you (two).
  22. Looking good Adam. Hope it's on its way out for good.
  23. I feel like an eternal 16-18 year old because of how long I've dealt with this. I am 26 now but no way in hell do I feel that way. I guess in a lot of ways this has somehow managed to brand a negative image into my psyche and that's how I naturally see myself.
  24. I think, in my case, I used to make up excuses not to go out. This was back in high school and most of college. However, I think due to this I developed other hobbies than just going clubbing and getting smashed. Whether negative or positive, I am now a lot different than my friends from those times. So nowadays I don't go out with them much more because our interests our different not so much because of the condition of my skin.