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  1. Hey Peeps...I just purchased Aqua Glycolic yesterday from my local Walgreens (had to ask the pharmacist in the back if they had any since it wasn't on the shelves in the store) and was wondering what are the best ways to use it from those with experience. I have very sensitive/oily skin and need to know exactly how people use it and what other cleansers/medications they use in connection with it. I know you don't really use it as a normal cleanser. You apply it to dry skin and leave on for a
  2. I totally understand where you're coming from. I get the same damn thing too. They are always attached to my lips and they hurt like hell. You're right too, they look like you have herpes or something. They come in droves and then for months you have nothing. Can't explain it either...wish I knew.
  3. Am I the only one that seems to breakout from eating Olive oil? Anytime I eat it, I get these painful tiny pimples around/on the edges of my lips......what's going on here?
  4. appreciate the responses...thanks a lot!
  5. What are your tips for making the best , non-gritty, non-watery, effective aspirin mask??
  6. Where can I find Mandelic acid? In stores anywhere?? Would health food stores or Sally's Beauty carry it?
  7. I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade, but I've tried tons of products with peppermint oil in them and they kick-ass in the beginning but then seriously dry out my skin. I hope this doesn't happen to you, but I wouldn't use it long term. Maybe off & on would work better with something a little more gentle like Purpose soap. Hope your success continues.
  8. Thanks again for the info peeps. I did learn, the hard way, that Betadine is not a good idea. Atleast for my skin, I immediately starting breaking out from it, especially on my chin and around my mouth. Extremely painful sore-like pimples that are, just now, starting to fade. I've switched to cleansing with Purpose bar soap and spot treating with hibiclens. My skin seems to be calming down thus far. I would just love to get away from relying on BP and SA.
  9. I apppreciate the responses guys and gals. I am going to cut the Betadine out and just use Hibiclens every other day. Glamorous, where did you find your Aloe product?
  10. Hello people. Just wanted to share with everyone that I'm starting a new regimen of washing with Hibiclens as a face wash and then spot treating with Betadine lotion at night. In the morning, washing with Betadine skin cleanser and that's it. I'll keep progress posted. I'm interested in getting away from Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic acid. Anyone trying these products??
  11. Hi all. Just wondering what sulfur products are out there now? Any sulfur soaps anyone knows of?
  12. I'd say that I experience both. My hair has been getting very thin over the last few years and I'm only 27. No one in my family is bald or going bald. Parents, siblings, grandparents...all full heads of hair. It's something internal definitely. It's gotta be hormones. Let me ask something within my response. Are you an overly nervous or anxious person? My heart always seems to be racing and my metabolism is borderline nuclear. I'm a skinny dude and always have been. It's gotta be somet
  13. I guess it's just that overall feeling of being dirty and sweaty that gets into my head the idea that I'm going to break out. I have oily skin to begin with and sweating doesn't help any. I love summer as much as the next person, but it's just the mental aspect of the heat and it's effects on me. Thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts guys/gals.
  14. Glad to hear your experiencing some benefits from this so far tooshort. Like you said though, give it another 2 weeks atleast to make sure it's truly helping out. I agree that it sounds as if it would be very drying when used in conjunction with the BP, but maybe it's just a good regimen for oily skin? I definitely would not reccommend it to someone who has not gotten used to the BP alone yet. I need to stress though, I'm not putting on a a very thick layer at all of the mint julep. After t
  15. Yeah, I can definitely sympathize with not wanting to walk around in public with this green on your face. My girlfriend is extremely understanding of it and thinks that if its working then why not wear it? I was thinking of writing that company and asking them why they don't release this product without the green coloring which I am sure is not necessary. The face wash I use is Alpha Hydrox foaming face wash. I think it can only be purchased online as I have not been able to find it in store
  16. YES, that is the one I'm talking about, but NO, I do not rinse it off. I leave it on overnight. I put a thin layer of the mint julep on though. I only gob it on in the event of a deep marble/cyst forming.
  17. I haven't experienced any bleaching of my clothes from the BP. That could be because I don't really put a top on until after I've put the BP on and rubbed it in until it was completely absorbed by my skin. Therefore, there is no excess to get on my clothes. My advice as far as tto is concerned is that it can, for certain people, irritate like hell. I know it's widely accepted to be gentle, but it always made my face beet red (much more so than BP). I would suggest trying a layer of Dan's BP
  18. Anyone else start to get a bit ancy because of summer creeping up. It's Memorial Day and 87 degrees here and all I can think is, "oh no, here we go". The beginning of the worry every time sweat beads up on your face time. Summer is supposed to be enjoyable, yet I know what's going to happen when I sweat like crazy.
  19. I've been using this combo for the last 2 months or so and it seems to be working like a charm. I shower/wash my face with Alpha Hydrox foaming face wash, then apply a very good amount of Dan's BP gel to my entire face. I let my face dry for about 15 minutes then apply a very thin layer of the Mint Julep mask all over my face. I have extremely oily skin and it seems to keep it under control. I've used each product separately in the past, but the combo is giving me the best results. Also, th
  20. Please carry this product. It would make a world of difference for many many people. Thank you.
  21. Your glasses are very good looking. Brings attention to your eyes which I must say are out of this world. Trust me, any one looking at you is doing so because you are unequivocally gorgeous.
  22. I know a lot of you, like me, were looking for a multi vitamin that did not contain iodine. I found one at my local "musclemag" store, yet it seems there is a website for these vitamins as well. http://www.naturesplus.com I'm sending some pics so you can read the label on the back. On the label, it's the line underneath "Production and overall well-being" that's important.