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  1. I just read the post about not trading or giving drugs on this site so I'm not sure what to do since I already gave you the info, I did not know this since I have not been on this site for quite some time. So I will admit to making a mistake on doing this on this site, not sure what to do about it thoughl; myrl
  2. I'm 53 and I took Spiro for several years, but it did give me headaches probably due to the fact it lowers blood pressure, as far as acne I only still suffer from blackheads and I did not have any on spiro, it definately dries out the skin, sometimes, my hands were very dried out, so was my hair, I finally had to stop taking it since I just was not feeling well and I missed my long hair. I hope it works for you.
  3. Yes I have to say that my skin did get oily again pretty quickly, I took it for blackheads and they did come back. I hope your skin stays clear.
  4. In response to tanning beds, the sun damages your skin permanently whenever you tan, a tanning bed is the same as going out in the sun. but you don't notice the damage until years later. What i have seen are people who have had skin lesions have to be removed, I've known people who have died, and have seen some really ugly wrinkled skin from people who were out in the sun a lot. I have also heard that teenagers are now getting skin cancer due to tanning beds. I wore a lot of makeup when I
  5. Another 51 year old, have had scars since about 25 years old, fair skin. quite a few skin peels have helped with the scars though
  6. I have taken this and still have some and for me my skin drys out quite quickly and no more blackheads. I stopped taking it though and don't know if I will start again since I'm trying to see if this stuff has really messed up my hair. My skin is oily now and I have blackheads again but my hair looks a lot better. Everything dried up for me skin all over my body, very itchy. I'm sorry it did not work for you.
  7. what a great atitude especially for such a young person. I am 50 and still have to take medication for my skin to stay clear. This is very unusual to have this problem for so long. As I was growing up and meeting different people with acne and scars the people who were self confident even with problem skin were still popular since others were drawn to their personality. I was not one of those myself I was pretty frustrated with my skin problem . The good thing for me is that I wore makeup
  8. My plastic surgeon said it was supposed to have been this summer, which is now over, so I hope it will be soon,
  9. a question for you, what percent of glycolic acid did you use and how long did you leave it on for? I do feel your skin will heal, I had a phenol peel several weeks ago and my skin looked ghastly, but pretty smooth where the peel was done. I had it for wrinkles though. I would recommend aqauphor, you can purchase that at a drug store. the reason I say that is when I got my peel I was told not to use stuff like neosporin, acutally the stuff they gave me is from biomedic and is petroleum jelly
  10. I would be pretty careful myself, I would not go to someone just experimenting, unless what they did you just knew was totally harmless, if the laser is turned down really low, it probably won't do much, but if you do decide to go and you feel pain with the laser, tell them to turn it down or get up off the table. I've heard IPL lasers can't really burn you, but I don't know, for sure. I had 6 weeks of really pink skin from an ipl laser being turned up too high for me, and it was by a doctor.
  11. i didn't try the soap, but I did get some lotion and I did not find it did anything. I'm using porcelan, kinerase, and godiva, and I feel they are working together. I put kinerase and godiva, that galbradon, or how ever you spell it stuff at night, and then porcelana, on in the morning for about an hour. the pinkness in my skin has gotten much better.
  12. Anything with hydroquinine helps some people, it has helped me, but I only put it on in the morning for about 45 minutes, since I have read it can damage your skin in the long run, I think there were people who had dark skin putting lots of it on in high concentrations. 2% which is what you can buy at a drug store, like Porcelana. I'm also putting this new Godiva licorice skin whitening cream on at night, my skin is almost a normal color, but still a little pink, I wish I knew when I was younger
  13. In all my many years of shopping and comparing, the ingredients are the same, what raises the price is the advertising, so you can probably save some money, I think I saw some B5 at Walmart for about 2 or 3 dollars, just check the back and see the ingredients.